Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Bring forth the period of duration allotted to human life marking and defining by full possession and control of powers and faculties, presence of mind having all fully at command. Existence without the end of the planet on which man dwells or the people who inhabit it, an endless period of time during which the body remains in existence throughout eternity never ceasing, forever existent, eternal happiness beyond all time.

Accept willingly a new relationship the third person of the Trinity into the Kingdom as a child of Peace forming a ring of truth uniting by common pursuit the family circle sharing equally living together in the United States.

Of great worth and excellence an important and influential sovereign nation prevailing over all others luxurious and fashionable living limited to people living in the United States of America by environmental influences overhead, effective and in effect uniting the present and future yielding to all request. The love of God in man divinely inspired excellence in words, knowledge by hearing doing successfully, winning, and attaining.

Existence distinguishing the Family of God changing the character, nature, and conditions, life full of vigor and freshness exempt from all domination. Enjoy life exempt from all that humiliates, degrades, or injures self-respect, citizens and their government a love affair occurring within a nation, home, and family.

The words of Peace complying with and carrying out commands and requests assisting in domestic matters living within the house maintaining the body. A public servant implanted by nature and existing from birth, a particular ability, personal inclination, and strong liking for some special activities producing as advantage and gain funds for livelihood.

The official governing body of the United States of America self-governing communities, inherent powers and capabilities of the body and mind under control of the Father�s will, tactful and judicious in dealing with others. Thoughtful of others, a natural honesty making decisions by ordinary persons of cities and towns, the future of a nation and people. The body having knowledge and proclaiming a choice, declaring a desire for the well being of others, peculiarities of an obedient human nature doing good and showing kindness binding all living in the United States of America to the Kingdom Family.


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