Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Good wishes communicating the warmth of a relationship with one God and Father of all, effecting and attaining a settled resolution restoring all to a sound and good condition. Physical power existing in one�s nature, mental and emotional awareness giving new health by the mind recalling and recognizing extensive knowledge arising from the depth of one�s soul, mindful regards serving with rejoicing operative again springing back secure, stable, and permanent.

A newly constituted administration of affairs indicating awareness of desirability and worth, approval given freely filling again with good grace bringing back to fullness and completeness, a gift funding anew by issuing new securities, a renewed relationship occurring without delay appearing without warning.

An abrupt transition committing to the care of Harold L. Chapman real and personal property, great wealth, a stream flowing into another generous and unrestrained in giving and spending, providing and expending in great abundance. Exceed reasonable limits overflowing the Treasure House filling beyond capacity having received custody, care, and keeping of the Family of God a permanent alliance.

Change into another person the first step commence opposing with all power, energy, and strength not admitting of doubt or denial in the mind and will resisting successfully any failing in health, separating into constituent parts, and falling into ruined or reduced condition. Increase strength to a more desirable condition, freedom from defect and disease, health and happiness altering by authority affording relief to bodily malfunctioning, particular symptoms, and slight illnesses.

Supply what is lacking, provide with what is needed, and bring to the garden the body affectionately nurturing, cherishing, and uniting a single person bringing into connection and kinship an entire family, permanent and independent a personal existence of a personal nature in the body of a human being.

A harmonious arrangement delegating authority, supplying with adequate power and opportunity, the Doctrine of Peace authorizing unrestrained liberty of action starting a career, granting and assigning a fund for the maintenance of a corporate body, also the buildings housing such a body, instituting, establishing, and setting in operation. Money and property for permanent use granting, accumulating, reserving and furnishing for all human beings having no companionway.


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