Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


The house of God, a family dear because of a personal relationship, a place giving rest, the planet on which man dwells and the people who inhabit it full of beauty and peace. A self-luminous visible form use as an emblem constructing for all shining prominently in a calling and profession.

A body suitable to God influencing fate, fortune, and destiny of all, the elder son and main source of utterance publishing a course of action set in operation by the Father. The process of changing from the immaterial nature or soul to the body a power changing the condition, appearance, color, and degree of heat of the human body. The effect produced by warm colors furnishing with an outer covering over and above the head providing shelter and protection and guaranteeing life to the body.

Resulting from mixing atmospheric powers and forces having no semblance or likeness to Peace, dissimilar to and different from, mingling and combining varying components of different qualities readily burning, lighting, heating, and surrounding the earth. The climatic condition of the United States influences resulting from arranging and planning temperature, moisture, winds and other meteorological phenomena, changing conditions beaming with brightness, kindness, and love, a pleasant aspect of spring.

A prosperous state of life easily understood, a deep red color, scarlet making and becoming crimson showing clearly a source of light occurring and appearing every day, a manuscript yielding the earth mental and spiritual understanding, perception into the inner nature of a body.

Unhidden and observable a visible form of the Father´┐Żs warmth coming into view, external and physical emitting uninterrupted daylight. The embodiment in human form of the God of Love, the abode of man relating to this life and world, the immortal body ruling over the season in which plant and human life increase abnormally in comparative magnitude beginning another time glowing with a warm color.


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