Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


More than enough money an abundance of whatever is precious, all material objects having economic utility and possessing a monetary value grant all requested and hoped for setting above the line the love of God preferred and worthy of choice.

Take place between the past and future extending across half the circle, spring to summer, across the course of life situated and occurring between death and life passing from summer to spring re-crossing confusing pursuers.

Reveal differences when set in opposition, dividing, separating, and distributing, an interconnected system altering the flow of money by power and energy of mind and intellect and the point of view of right. Be effective using persuasion and influence successfully, a continuous onward movement mounting to the top and crossing to the right side placing the father at the highest and most prominent place and rank.

Victorious and successful be jubilant observing as a festival with rejoicing the pageant of the peaceful entry, God residing on earth protecting his kingdom, engaging in commerce producing in large quantities. Including as a relevant and necessary aspect being engaged and involved in the welfare of his family.

The principles of life entitling to protection, two chief magistrates ruling conjointly a person in whom the supreme power and authority is vested with knowledge residing in the people and administrative powers lodged in officers chosen by the father.

Harold L. Chapman exercising controlling authority over principles of life setting down as a direction, putting forth for consideration proceeding from God dictating words to be written down. A large permanent body of people living together in the United States of America, justice of the peace who vanquishes all enemies and wins any struggle, a victorious nation.

Life, Peace, and Love

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