Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Children of God, a notable achievement covering and protecting beyond all time the body of a living Supreme Being consisting wholly of one piece undergoing changes resulting from exposure to perfect weather. The Doctrine of Peace announcing, specifying, and establishing by God a victory, valuing highly all choosing life and designating God as the Father.

The oak of strength situated at the head, first in place, time, rank, and order, the leader of the family exceptionally good and still standing. A distinctive emblem of the official governing body of the Kingdom of God, a single person determining, deciding, and administering the principle by which right is defined, the royal insignia upon which important matters hinges and turns providing all with the ability to act and right to decide. Granted as a gift and benefit power to govern, personal influence and special knowledge causing a material change, the Grace of God falling as a gentle rain from a crimson sky officially registered in the Kingdom Family Treasure House.

Representing by means of words expressing by writing expressions of a favorable settlement, good fortune establishing by God presenting the regards of the Father committing with confidence, glorifying and honoring the children, unfathomable admiration, devotion, respect and honor giving and showing by actions. Terms of endearment, loving words sweetening, covering, and coating with sugar releasing energy building up cells and tissues into a more stable body making over and anew.

Acting, deciding and determining, balancing and compromising, adjustments holding and supporting Harold L. Chapman possessing the power and affecting others for good, balancing and weighing equally the good words and power of God. Internal bodily changes by normal power of mind and understanding, wisdom of a view worth seeing revealing and communicating a divine truth, a lifelike mental picture of oneself, the very beautiful and pleasing son or daughter of the only living God.

Embrace means and opportunity a new power rewarding a position of authority and trust. Maintain the peace faithful to and abiding by an assurance given by God to the Kingdom Family, everything promised do the required work, managing the house, defending from harm caring for the family under the supervision of the father. Observe with adherence to ritual forms a time of rest, peace, and quiet, dropping suddenly striking the immortal body, the people of the United States of America, with the head.

Life, Peace, and Love

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