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Doctrine of Peace


In no way and to no extent or degree give the Doctrine of Peace or the Kingdom Family Treasure House the right to impose a penalty for transgression of law. Inflicting suffering upon, causing agony or worry, or requiring physical or manual work done for hire, a dissimilarity showing unlikeness to peace.

Unsympathetic and cruel a frame of mind behaving as an enemy, the spirit and principles of a feudal system attacking forcefully bringing down by the power exerted on any resisting person. The set of judicial orders given by God constituting the moral code of the Law of Moses, counsel and instruction taught as a rule, precept, and lesson, the first five books of the Old Testament consisting of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, the Mosaic Law judgment inflicted by God.

Straightforward and understandable in one language set forth in detail jurisdiction over the Earth, the truth understood and self-evident announcing formally, saying emphatically, and stating positively. Declare openly in the Doctrine of Peace as last in a series the final decision, obtain possession of kingdom property, receive the family's reward, uphold the head and remain undefeated, accountable and responsible under the power of the elder son obeying the Father.

The ruler of the house of life in the opposite direction to and directly opposite of the permanent cessation of all vital functions overcome any clash between contradictory impulses within a person, having secured love and overcome hate rejoice over the victory and celebrate the triumph.

Withhold from knowledge and publication, no longer having force or validity as an agreement between God and the whole human species, the sacred book or writings of all religions. Hostility, enmity and death come to an end, cease to exist, fall into disuse and become void fulfilling all requirement passing away quickly as published in the Doctrine of Peace on November 2001.

As a penalty for shortcomings have no influence, importance, or consequence compelling belief, and no mental concurrence or agreement actions forcibly convincing. Of no legal capacity to produce any result, absence of affirmative qualities, of no good and not capable of serving any beneficial purpose, useless and ineffective undoing a legal contract entered into by the mind and heart defeating and overthrowing The Law forever.

Harold L. Chapman represents possession and continuance of life, the way and mode of living for all living things. Continue to live as the principle and power guiding the entire material universe and having knowledge and superiority stand in front of any circumstance, state, or condition favoring success.

A fit and convenient time, unknown and undefined, resemble and embody the one God and Father of all, producing by describing and depicting in words. A new duty, charge, and trust utter complete justice affecting and influencing the physical universe.

The upper body surrounding the earth that cannot be destroyed in any chemical reaction admit no division of the soul, mind, and body by any means, the first principle, I constitute you my spokesman, the half of a circle drawn between death and life.

Life, Peace and Love

Copyright (C) Kingdom Family Ministries - November 1998.