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Doctrine of Peace


Mental understanding and perception into the inner nature or real character of Life receive from Harold L. Chapman projecting unusual excellence in his work declaring good will. The effect produced by colors preserving warmth and preventing loss of bodily heat taking place in the mind deviating from a customary course thinking about and deliberating upon the ways of his Father. Putting into circulation giving back a likeness of the only living God portraying in words with loyalty and faithfulness to duties, obligations, vows, and truth.

A first time ceremony during which the name of Peace is bestowed upon the completion of a course of life granting as a benefit and presenting as a gift an emblem bearing an inscription "Seal of Approval" given as an award for outstanding service. A single specimen of a book yielding to the authority and power of God presenting for approval notice given to people at large written by his hand allowing to enter spiritual understanding.

The true nature and life giving force in man divine in origin is the particular climatic condition of the United States of America. The power affecting human beings stretching across and extending over affording passage to the abode of immortal man where the chosen people of Life receive life, an eternal reward of great happiness resembling heaven.

The first appearance of the eighth day, the reconciliation between God and man actually accomplished and realized by the expected liberator of a land inhabited by the Family of God, human beings living in the United States of America members of a United Kingdom.

October clearly evident as a formal announcement publicly displayed extending and prolonging without break the immaterial nature or soul. Man connecting mentally with Life and deriving from God his soul in trust to a people of purpose. Wordless communion with God acting and moving quickly leading to advancement toward maturity, Kingdom Family Life making one's profession a lifework.

Show unlikeness to the season of the year occurring between summer and winter, the fall a time of lessening and failing gradually in health. Come into existence fair and impartial in acting and judging righteous in the sight of God appearing, changing color as ripening fruit and filling up with as much and as many as is possible, containing an abundant supply complete and sufficient.

Bring forth by mental effort, reconcile and settle differences communicating by letter every day entering as specified bringing about his words. Draw forth and produce a reply, a responsive action and attitude of the body suggesting thought and feeling, state of mind, behavior, and conduct as indicated calling or summoning forth lifelike mental images, newly made in time designating the present.

Give vigor and energy imparting life making alive, excitement and keen enjoyment for reading agreeably penetrating affecting the mind. Become aware of joy ending all unpleasant sensations and arouse excitement, the mind filling with activity bouncing readily, springing back to a former condition everything in good shape, recoiling from pressure and shock undamaged becoming lively and cheerful exciting interest, attention, and curiosity.

Attractive of older persons exciting the emotion and passion of influential members of the family and community advance of others in progress and thought beginning at and continuing to an advanced hour, toward what is ahead a definite portion of a journey of life.

Stretching across extending life, an outburst of emotions beginning an overture of friendship living in a forward stage of man, of the earth, the people alive at the present time a generation mature and advancing in years.

Life, Peace and Love

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