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Doctrine of Peace


The exemption and immunity of making a choice is the purchased privilege of all Americans, share equally the remaining choice. Releasing from and not hindering by burdens, debts, or discomforts available to all without charge or cost. Policies favoring a desired outcome making better by removing abuses, changing, improving, and educating to a better life, forming again human beings of broad cultural interests proceeding from goodheartedness and indicative of love. Like Father, like Son, befitting one of good family thoughtful of others giving and promoting the privilege of choosing.

Good Spirit, lively, hopeful, and full of variety, calling forth remembrance of freshness, a special grace of old-fashioned power triumphing and succeeding, happiness, contentment and satisfaction causing delight and gladness. Social merriment, the power of choice removing feelings of ill will, bitter enmity, spitefulness, and deep seated unfriendliness, war and acts of war entertain in the mind for a remembered wrong.

Transfer freely without asking anything in return, a desire for the well being of others, acts of kindness as the mildness of weather is compassionate treatment of an offender in one's power. Be thankful for the love of God and declare membership stating in full your name as an expression of agreement, consenting in opinion and action certifying by signature.

A sign by which notice is conveyed to the family of God granting personal liberty and human rights, a settlement of accounts in an answer sent monthly. A favorable manner of receiving truth, trust in the Father relying upon as trustworthy a belief in Life and his Doctrine of Peace given without deviation based on exactness of reproductive detail, without distortion, affecting all and essential in all. A relationship of a trustful and deeply personal feeling of certainty in a doctrine, adhering to as a purpose and defending by a body devoted to life as true and necessary of belief.

Begin again faithful to the writing of the Doctrine of Peace and widely accepting the Kingdom Family Treasure House, a belief that corresponds to the reality and a living model of an invisible influence. A share in common and direct contact causing existence and actuality of all expected or looked forward to acting and arriving without delay.

Meeting with a human being sure about the identity hastens the natural course, in each other's immediate presence standing face to face with the truth fulfilling all desires and discharging debts before due. A movement relating to the physical, a readily apparent open way for public passage, a highway of advancing or progressing in a manner peculiar to the people of the United States of America. A formal agreement between Peace and Love subject and subservient to Life, connect with and depend upon the agreement between God and Harold L. Chapman assigning all of the work to the Kingdom Family Treasure House.

Life, Peace and Love

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