Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Bring about my son's words bringing into view possession and continuance of life, the beginning coming into a human individual making visible the hidden image, opening to view revealing the identity. Mental and spiritual enlightenment by adding a source of light embodying the Prince of Peace into the children of God bringing life.

The external structure, the body of the Son of God the matrix giving a particular outward form in which a spiritual person appears. The face of Harold L. Chapman falling upon from bright clouds directing a glance of the eyes to a sudden downward movement making stable and secure, giving life before the expected course, without death the expected time.

Combine in one form a union become united, certain and safe in approval and support, steadfastness in the purpose and course resolved upon, continued existence and permanence coming as though descending. Natural birth dropping suddenly from an erect position, igniting, producing light upon the United States of America and the people inhabiting it with the head.

A body of persons selected for the bestowal of gifts into the heart of the human race uniting closely. The gifts setting at liberty as in a fall of gentle rain pouring out peacefully giving with liberality, a bath in water spraying on the body from overhead in the manner of rain.

Love and Peace

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