Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


The Prince of Peace is the power touching and moving emotionally human beings, coexist with, pay careful attention taking more than casual notice, and make conscious use of the sense of hearing. New and different taking place in the mind expressing favorable opinion, committing with confidence, glorifying and honoring the Son of God free and at liberty set aside by divine will for deliverance, chosen from the whole United States of America.

Self-possession and continuance of life, Harold L. Chapman full of beauty and peace the abode of God, the body relating to this life and world appearing every day, obedient and submissive deferring to his Father, dependent on a greater power, and doing the will of God. A partnership doing business for others and publishing monthly the principle of life lifeblood from the heart of a living mind.

Endowed with, possessing, and exercising will and free choice, do without compulsion and perform without legal obligation, change position producing bodily appetites applying completely to temporal things of this world and the present life, a source of liveliness and a spirit imparting life.

Love and Peace

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