Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Punished with mental and bodily obstruction of the physical powers, sudden emotions, violent strivings, extreme physical pain and great mental suffering, torture decreed and enforced by law affording no ground for hope causing agony and worry. Distressing with continued suffering troubling greatly, pursuing relentlessly full of trouble, harming, injuring and making miserable with violent disease and suffering causing pain, trouble, and extreme need.

Seizing and detaining personal property, charging with and blaming for the sins of our fathers, reprimanding sharply, severely criticizing by a strong expression of disapproval pronouncing and declaring to be unfit bringing discredit upon and disgracing by the words said of God.

Our Father, reflect on the past and possess again the promised land the entire physical part of human beings, renew and restore the soul, mind, and body to natural balance. Reclaim the earth, the people who inhabit it, and all that exist on it covering again, liberation from intervening modes of existence, state of health, and atmospheric conditions or other meteorological phenomena.

Return to the Garden, take back that you regret making man and that our days shall be 120 years, disclaim approval and refuse to acknowledge, disavow all opinions and beliefs previously held drawing lines through deleting and removing.

Counteract and destroy the force, influence, and effect and declare the United States of America as belonging to and being under the love and protection of Almighty God Our Father. We are deeply and humbly sorry for the whole human species transgressions of a law having divine authority and are resolved on change for the better, Father change your past operation.

Begin the duty, charge, and trust of God, the office, rights, and powers of your Father the ability to meet the promise and contract by which you are bound. Act without superior authority serving as a medium of conveyance, communicating with every living creature and bearing upon and about your person the measure of power exerted on any resisting person or thing and the prevailing idea for which you are answerable. Bear the body and hold the neck and head upright, just and honest, new and different, a wholesome set of clothes.

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