Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


A mental and natural ability relating to the human body and pertaining to material spiritless objects, becoming well and performing a cure is an inherent competence at work in nature and in the human race restoring an original good physical condition or visual appearance to person or property by repairing.

Our Father, cause the physical part of human beings to transmit conditions of ill health and malfunctioning in interdependent parts as self-generated communication between the brain or spinal cord and other parts or organs, effecting by and taking place in the mind and apparent to the senses external changes executed with originality of design and adaptive ability, growing together broken bones and knitting together flesh unyielding to any opposing force.

Support the process by which the body of human beings permit no division directing and guiding by special divine influence the generation born at the passing over of the Doctrine of Peace. Protect from any cause of dying, depriving of life, ceasing to live, or exhibiting no signs of life being put out or quench as a fire, and the apparent dimming or elimination of light from one heavenly body by another, the unlawful, malicious, and intentional killing of one human being by another and the killing or slaughtering in a brutal manner as in war, committing murder.

Shield and defend from being exposed to that which is injurious or causes suffering or misfortune, any evil manner or anyone who does evil, and any instance of harm, damage, or grievous distress inflicted or suffered, losing someone or something to an accident or property damage guarding against any chance of encountering loss. Free and clear from injury befalling anyone as through the intercession of God, a source of disaster and great distress, condemning to eternal punishment destining to an unhappy fate.

Grant as a gift a special privilege, refrain from exacting or inflicting as a penalty, pardoning and forgiving, the failure to obey and lack of obedience. Cause to be as if never done and reverse its actions depriving of legal force and effect all mandatory percepts, under seal, that is written chiefly in The Bible.

Relieve from inborn and hereditary tendencies, an impression left by the progenitor of the human race and an unregenerate human nature. Fatiguing work, oppressive task, laboring painfully and tiringly, progressing or making one’s way with slow and labored steps, the pain and stress of childbirth and uterine contractions prior to giving birth replace as a burden, being on alert and watchful guarding against the penalty of a breach of law, an official warrant declaring the discharge from penalty, pardon and deliverance doing away with all disease and pain.

I cease to blame or feel resentment against overlooking mistakes of the offspring of human parents, and I free all from expressions of disapproval, adverse and hostile criticisms, and reprimands, ceasing to hold responsible and bringing charges against. Finding fault with the words of the Bible and writings of all religions, I release all living in the United States of America from the duty or requirement and the constraining or binding power of Law, free, clear, and excused the Kingdom Family is exempt.

Possess and own anything desirable lawfully buying temporary personal property as articles of furniture, and any tract of ground whatever, owning together with all attached, as water, forests, and buildings. Property belonging to the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., the entire mass regard as permanent, land, houses, offices, or any dwelling place, whatever is highly priced or prized, as money, goods, and lands receive as your reward.

All property, receive as the amount charge with payment of one tenth demanded by the Law, given lavishly, freely,and generously to an excessive degree going beyond usual limits. Great abundance of money, the amount required to buy and move into the reserved temporary housing, and funds allotted to cover costs occurring in the course of meeting the promise by which Harold L. Chapman and the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., are bound having to do with the construction, operation, and design. Take into your hand and possession both money and property issued on the indicated date said of the Doctrine of Peace giving up possession into your hands and relinquishing in favor of the Treasure House.

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