Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


A special grace, receive the full amount the whole sum of material things, the material universe apparent to the senses external material wealth and property. The whole existence known to men, the greatest possible and to any extent whatever, the utmost, all, nothing except, whatever exist, all things whatsoever, relevant, needed, or important, all I have experience joy and pleasure in.

Permit to be seen displaying as light in coloring submitting as a piece of evidence intending to attract notice. Waiting upon attending as a servant giving protection and guidance now coexisting with good fortune produce and utter with skill and occurrence, everything that I have give all. Anything that exists actually or potentially, everyone, everything, and every part I give now as a reward for success, merit, service, and achievement, money for knowledge acquired, for the return of lost goods, and payment for service rendered.

The reserved temporary housing of Harold L. and Shirley J. Chapman in South Fork, Colorado and the localities or places occupied by members of the Kingdom Family, extend around and close in on all sides shielding and defending from attack, harm, or injury, observation or annoyance, a quiet security, shelter, and protection from danger or distress.

Safe places not to be infringed upon or treated with irreverence or abuse, breaking in, disturbing, seizing and carrying off by force, capturing or snatching away, or any violation of standards of good society or breach of law causing displeasure, encroaching upon treading heavily or ruthlessly, peculiarly and exceedingly inviolable places often visited.

I give to Harold L. Chapman immediately, without putting off to a time said of God and printed in the Doctrine of Peace serving to introduce such a distinct part of an agreement and settlement, the entire amount paid in full without lessening, changing, or shortening, the name of Peace and just possession of his property by this formal written declaration. Receive, demand, and do by divine will, the power to give out and send forth with audible sound which you prefer, the right and turn to speak and choose, and the authority to say and to put in circulation now an official decree publicly proclaiming everlasting life to all.

Put on as a garment the name of Peacemakers, a reconciliation calling and naming the Children of God, two words spoken in one breath to protect and guarantee life, a natural outer coating used for identification of the offspring produced from life.

Our Father, fix firmly in the heart and mind of all living the name of Peace, South Fork, Colorado, and your words and actions sent monthly, your demand for that which is due and unpaid on the date said of God as printed in the Doctrine of Peace. An acknowledged right conferred as a reward to the Kingdom Family, the possessors entitled to use your given name uniting and connecting by kinship to Almighty God Our Father.

This order applies to everyone, everything, and every part of a human being, “Live!” and every spiritless object of any kind all that exists external and internal the entire material universe.

The State of Colorado, acknowledge the independence and validity of a newly constituted government speaking a distinctive cultural and social way of life from Bear Creek IV, the Garden of South Fork.

Copyright (C) Kingdom Family Ministries - November 1998.