Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Mental power come into reality perceivable by the eye and easily recognized, the point in time at which a Father’s Love begins to do. Spread from person to person as an organized system of principles transmitted through your brother my elder son, through whom spiritual eternal life communicates with the material world and reproduces itself as human beings named Peace, passing on traits and qualities having offspring of full strength, powerful and rich.

The Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., as the part that is seen develop the intention and plan for rearing my family, endure patiently and embrace tightly, clasping affectionately, holding dear, and treating with tenderness bring up and educate a child of joy caring for and bringing to maturity.

Beyond what has been said in the writings of the Treasure House inspire with courage, hope, and resolution assisting any attempt or effort to do or attain a material condition of health, happiness, and prosperity, cooperating with, providing aid and relief, and being responsible for counteracting and removing mistakes bringing about successful persons and enterprises.

Work for, in the service of and of service to the United States of America as my gift waiting on, giving assistance, and working in behalf of all people. A voice speaking and writing in favor of an abundant, healthy, and happy everlasting life for all, petitioning in behalf of others intervening as a peacemaker defending the land promised to all my children. A place of improvement and great happiness, of life and with new health, fullness and completeness filling the whole body, bring all the tithe and offerings into my Treasure House.

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