Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


My Children, put forth roots and begin to grow, of, belonging to, and arising from the true nature of life, mild weather, a friendly wind, and a moderate breeze full of mercy, forgiving and helpful, a warmer climate brightly colored, defined by my love, and full of beauty and power, the time when daylight replaces darkness.

Appear suddenly the season in which vegetation starts anew, the season of spring representative of your youth flowering and coming into blossom, prospering and thriving, growing and flourishing, appearing healthy and youthful.

A healthy glow reflecting a continuous light of a reddish brightness rousing from sleep, bringing back to life, reviving from unconsciousness, giving renewed strength and new health, and bringing back into use. Producing the proper result and working efficiently again, the mind causing to awaken, restoring life, and filling with joy, good fortune, warmth of achievement and pride, a heightened reddish color my affection spreading itself as a glowing freshness full of life and bodily warmth.

In the form of light create of atmospheric powers and forces a vivid glowing flame used for lighting, heating, and surrounding the earth without anything to mar the perfection and brightness. Perfect weather of the United States of America, an atmospheric appearance of the upper air overspread with a deep red color becoming covered as with bright clouds.

Any powerful or destructive wind, tornado, whirlwind, or hurricane, local storms accompanied by lightning and thunder, any loud, rumbling, or booming noise suggestive of thunder, a tropical cyclone covering a wide area or anything suggesting a hurricane in violence or speed leave off and discontinue, cease doing, take away from use, and remove from active service, my kingdom is on the Earth, in the body, and my family is greatly loved.

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