Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


My Children put into a frame of mind by an operation ended, finished, and done with inclined to receive as truths intense suffering of the body, troubling or pursuing relentlessly with intense bodily pain, inflicting from cruelty torture decreed and enforced by law, extreme discomfort and excruciating physical suffering making miserable by small attacks.

Coming to a crisis quickly physical roughness overwhelming by an undue exercise of force unpleasant to any of the senses, harshness of treatment and cruel punishment not sparing or saving and showing no mercy, conforming to rigid rules and causing extreme hardship resulting in disease or an alteration in bodily functions arising from or indicating the presence of disease.

The unpleasant sensation or feeling resulting from refusing to throw up or eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth getting rid of and having done with quickly throwing off and eliminating by normal discharge undigested material.

Yield power over to the Doctrine of Peace, cease doing, desist from, leave off and discontinue, I decline to permit as legally binding, effective, or warranted punishment, lack of sympathy, sudden and crushing misfortune, adverse or ill fortune, bad luck, adversity, distress or unfortunate accidents conforming to the law and concerned with the principles of a trial of strength.

Bring into existence and effect again a beginning state of happiness restoring as a sole ruler health and vigor, freedom from disease having all the organs complete and in normal action and relation, passing into solution, reducing into component particles, destroying the wholeness of, and reducing to fragments the cause of dying.

Peace extend far inward, unviolated, uninterrupted, and normal, without irregularities, having no impediments or obstructions, and unyielding to pressure, complete and effectual strength having durability and permanence commanding and enforcing obedience.

The healing power of God bring about that which cures and afford relief to bodily ailments, a treatment of disease and relief of pain having the properties of medicine, healing, curing, and alleviating treatment by the immaterial nature or soul of man bringing about recovery.

Unending existence flow forth as principles of life supporting life-giving in every living being, power of continuing to a generation of God and a family relationship by hearing from God.

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