Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


The body of all human being function properly and come in search and pursuit of wisdom one's health, an outcome of his words superior in power, influence, and effectiveness prevailing over all others. In active operation, as a result of the operations of God, a group of individuals pledging themselves to the business remaining to be done connecting with power a decisive change ending questions of validity or genuineness.

Truth internally known disclose information and prepare for use knowledge combining with manual skill, a system facilitating human accomplishment, pursuits and occupations devoting each person to one line of study, connecting with, preparing for, and engaging in a profession.

Carry out fully an authoritative decision and eternal purpose, the power of achievement meeting any situation and performing knowledge beyond normal comprehension, the part of mental life known inwardly persons full of meaning a source of power desirable, worthy, and right improving the breed of the human race.

The totality of all things having actual existence, any combination of surrounding circumstances happenings of this period meet all needs, occur at the right moment, and do at the proper time. New information, call upon for aid, protection, and witness, petitioning for blessings in due form summoning a specific work bringing to action by formal announcement, written communication publicly displayed.

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