Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Set free from subjection to any influence or domination shut within an enclosure confining or restraining forcibly holding back from acting, proceeding, or advancing, keeping under restraint or control depriving of freedom or liberty. Compelling, binding, or constraining by commanding to stay within doors holding within limits, restricting remarks indicating a limit.

Distribute delivering daily as the morning mail permitting the circulation and performance transferring and handing over a manner of vocal expression, the power of speech.

Calling and naming embodying a meaning of great importance the business of the Prince of Peace and degree of official standing. Just possession of his property a command entering in the record as the final judgment transferring money which secures and guarantees, depositing and pledging changing from word only by means of power.

Freedom from a sense of heaviness or feelings of tightness, absolute power justly administered by unlimited authority enjoying liberty guaranteed to all by the Kingdom Family Treasure House, an organized system of self-governing communities as a nation or people.

Liberty from enforced menial service one man using another occurring without choice functioning without conscious control, under the power of another obedience appropriate for servants performing one's duties deferring habitually to superiors easy to manage, lead or control, easily worked or handled yielding to any domination.

The holding of human beings as an article of personal property, moral bondage extremely hard and requiring much labor relying on fatiguing work and oppressive task. Work involving hardship, toiling necessitating strong action or effort hard to surmount laboring painfully and tiringly making one's way with slowed and labored steps.

Free from entanglements, hindrances, and difficulties acting without outside disturbance, social disorder or insurrection. Liberty of personal choice freedom from obstruction of physical powers, free, clear, and excuse from performing any act that humiliates, degrades, or injures self-respect, human rights pertaining to the body directly referring to an individual application.

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