Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Be different unlike the common or usual providing livelihood on an exceptionally favorable time the immediate fundamental cause, reason, and motive for choice designating an image, form and appearance creating a difference.

Possessing the proper qualifications, ready and well suited to one's purpose, time granting all, an important and extraordinary happening of this period an exception pronouncing a closeness of association with all persons, engaging in a profession deeply personal, and making known with direct statements.

Greatly loved a person made, detailed for, and appropriated to a specific service, entrusting with a mission giving an outward form, a body representing the Father the essential part of everything written.

The main substance the means of supporting and maintaining the family's existence clearly perceivable by the eye, the body of a living being the physical personality of a sovereign who governs. Distinguishing from the mental or spiritual permitting to be seen the purpose of an action making printed matter stand out prominently affording approach accessible to all.

A visual appearance of a spirit, the body or physical existence of a spiritual person forming the divine principle of life in man, relating to God the embodiment of a living person full of life making alive.

Appear worthy of notice rousing sudden surprise, a visible and directly observable person having remarkable talent, power, and ability changing the quality of character distinguishing an individual, the power guiding the behavior, mode of existence and state of health.

A sign growing out of a formal meeting indicating a method of operating putting forth power, a procedure within the body restoring disunited or deficient parts removing diseased or injured parts. Transforming the period of sorrow writing of lamentation and mourning sounds of grief, pain and fear accompanied by tears turning aside causing to laugh and smile with the elderberry the color of certain wine.

Translate to a station in life affecting the mode of existence, position of the body, state of mind, opinion and purpose send for information and assistance, submit for settlement, and attribute to a monthly flow.

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