Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Begin the position naturally belonging to the Prince of Peace, specific obligatory service receiving title to property and transferring ownership of land having deep and extensive learning design for and assign to this specific purpose, a result of training and experience.

A feeling of certainty manifesting reliance upon oneself, integrity, honesty, and justice making financially liable for the obligation to pay, responsible, accountable, and answerable for meeting obligations acting without superior authority or guidance.

With confident anticipation, acceptance of truth, and trust in God desiring with expectation of fulfillment take possession of the chair on the right hand of God previously unowned. A seat for the Son of God, stateliness and nobility fixing in position adjusting for service and use, assume the responsibilities and duties of office.

The King, receive this formal declaration from God, the fulfillment of promise and faithfulness to truth bearing and supporting with a sign, an indicator of the start strongly supporting a work.

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