Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Possess as a right and power the name of Peace, power affecting others remaining, establishing and founding a union of dispersed states and unrelated peoples. An enactment of the period of time in which life remains, the person independent and free an invisible spirit continuing not becoming less in quality, power, or value. A mark of honor taking and keeping in the hand and arms, a firm embrace sustaining in position supporting one's head high.

Keep up the quality of mind and spirit terminating an abnormal condition, the animating force in living man divine in origin bringing ease and consolation, a comforter maintaining, upholding and supporting being true and just.

Keep in proper condition the state of reconciliation faithful to and abiding by an assurance given, performing a solemn promise to God doing the required work managing the house.

Act in behalf of, defending from wrong, caring for a large number of persons, a time free from anxiety and worry, a state of mental and physical cessation of war, a peaceful manner. Physically present within the mind of man ending a period of declining, a condition in which one's mental or physical faculties weaken or deteriorate a downward slope.

Work for being in service of, service to, waiting on and promoting the interest of rendering assistance, complying with and executing all request giving respect and honor to God, holding up, rearing a family keeping from failing encouraging and regarding with approval.

Confirm a report sent providing for any human being, a distinct and personal existence meant for a single person forming part of a society, the cultural development of the people of the United States of America performing some particular function. Means of supporting the maintenance of life maintaining the family's existence giving approval, assistance up from under carrying to completion and success.

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