Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Multiply Harold L. Chapman not specifying the limits of power, cause of events, amount of wealth or possessions, good fortune and success a favorable and desired outcome. Obtain all desires, aims, and purposes reaching a high degree of worldly prosperity, terminating in success resulting favorably any project, undertaking, or task especially when difficult, demanding, or of major importance.

Gain and acquire of skill a large aggregate of real and personal property, great abundance showing an outward appearance and likeness of the Father, the principal attraction. Anything given appoint for a group of individuals designating by a common name, creating a difference being the only one of its kind.

Make the formal offering of a complimentary gift the tithe or tenth part, put to use being prosperous having material well being. Experience joy and pleasure having the use and benefit, cause pleasure and joy supplying fully with what is desired, expected, or needed giving feelings of enjoyment, delight, and satisfaction freeing from doubt or anxiety. Give what is due paying and discharging debts and obligations, answering sufficiently and convincingly question or objections, and fulfilling the conditions or requirements making the reconciliation between God and man. Attend with good fortune bestowing a permanent fund or income upon, furnishing and equipping with the tithe, guarding, protecting, and blessing the Son of God.

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