Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Accurately correspond in quality and nature empower completely including all, the ultimate basis of all thought, reasoning, and being a single source having no duplicate altogether original admitting and catering to all children of Peace in one manner and for one purpose alone.

Be a single individual of the same kind, sort, and class not separate into groups, putting into classes on the basis of resemblance or differences splitting up into opposing sides. Thoroughly and completely proficient having ability adapt to some special use and purpose exposing to view timely knowledge, good news conforming exactly to truth and without error.

Communication by means of letters completely effective marking by originality of design and execution, freedom from anything added in mixing secretly active not easy to understand. Honesty of purpose and character improve by clearly defining change making a highly satisfactory distinguishable difference, highly proficient service freely rendering good will.

Put into its proper function producing effects on others by indirect means power accomplishing making all entire and perfect, serving to prove achievement of everything promised, hoped for, and anticipated making an actuality completing and bringing about all things right.

Put forth your best rendering respect and honor giving and showing by action, suitable amends a gift for merit, service, and achievement indicating faithfulness to a person in whom the supreme power and authority is established as a permanent right. Change into another language conveying the meaning of by performance acting as a translator, and admit that which is translated in this book easily presenting making into an eternal purpose.

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