Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Open the period of time during which everything lasts, full, continuance in respect to time existing without end. Endless duration an immeasurable extent of time the longest dimension of life continuing, spreading out, expanding, holding out and putting forth God's hand giving and offering, the spirit practicing hospitality.

Place upon the royal chair receiving God's entire property and possessions, stateliness and nobility, and sovereign power accomplishing all, a favorable outcome lasting throughout eternity. Continue without interruption, never ceasing, steady in purpose, action, and affection persisting in an enterprise and trustworthy in the performance of duty the fulfillment of promise, unchanging forevermore.

Cover the far end of the garden earth as distinguished from heaven, offering no force tending to hinder motion without conflict of opinions and differences in temperament. Free from discomfort, trouble, and anxiety an easy life freeing from and removing obstructions changing easily moving steadily in an agreeably and effortless way.

Extend far into the mind and thoughts setting aside causing to be as never done existing without beginning having an opposite motion existing without end reversing its actions, a family connection by descent through one parent, the human body.

A mental state brought about by love for the children of Peace and the gratification of it, great love and enjoyment, experiencing love, conceiving love, meeting, touching gently and accepting willingly. Take into the Kingdom Family all my children constituting man's relationship with the powers and principles of the whole creation and presenting for acceptance in the Doctrine of Peace.

Be of value and advantage furnishing at all times the external circumstances, conditions, and inanimate objects affecting the existence and development of my family's conditions of life, extending around on all sides transmitting within sealing the outer covering, forming a circle around the family holding and enclosing visually and mentally. Embracing lovingly lovers of the human race, indicative of love and affection taking pleasure and delight in a personification of the God of love, the Son of Peace.

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