Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Protect from danger as with a shield, justifying and vindicating, watching over and caring for, a defensive mental attitude or frame of mind, a mode of standing guarding against exposure causing injury or any other undesirable result, threatening misfortune or distress.

Any instance of such harm is not favored by God causing inconvenience, taking away from, depriving of rights or possessions, keeping from acquiring, using, or enjoying the gifts of God caused by losing anything or any body to death, injury, or property damage.

Any cause or instance of exposure to danger, the hazard or chance of setting upon violently beginning battle or conflict assailing with hostile words. Judging severely, expressing disapproval or blame, adverse or hostile criticism, passing judgment on the merits or faults affecting injuriously, any particular instance inflicting or suffering harm, damage, or grievous distress.

Provide by means of insuring protection of domestic industries, funds to guarantee payment of a process selecting individuals for purpose. Directing payment of money showing to be just, right, and reasonable clearing of accusation and suspicion supporting and maintaining as a right or claim serving to justify, upholding and strengthening as a firm belief.

Provide with means of support and subsistence maintaining the family's existence giving approval and assistance acting in the interest, sharing, cooperating and defending keeping and winning a tract of ground together with all attached as water, forest, buildings. A share or interest in such land, rural places as distinguished from cities or towns.

Entrust with a specific service, acting with superior authority making financially liable for payment of a debt. Demanding the recovery of a right and the redress of a wrong resorting to a higher power for sanction, proof, and aid, an urgent earnest spiritual and wordless communion with the Father, a short summary of a piece of subject matter in justification and support of the Son of God.

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