Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


The Doctrine of Peace writing and expressing in letters, putting on armor not approachable, attainable, or obtainable closed to intellectual or moral influences putting within stamping and impressing a seal into the face.

Produce by the application a mental image describing in full detail producing and evoking lifelike imagery portraying in words expressing orally directly affirming by transmitting human vision, mental and spiritual insight through a denial or refusal onto a surface sensitive to light. Conclusive news as a ground for knowing the Prince of Peace with certainty and for believing the Words of God with conviction.

An official written communication in intimate association entitling one to confidence and preserving the body of a living being without change to the true and fundamental nature. Furnishing with documents supporting by conclusive information and evidence supplying the Kingdom Family Treasure House with information, help and authority, proof and support announcing and proclaiming a calling together. Convening clear to the mind in the residence of a sovereign, a royal residence performing its proper function causing to awaken from slumber being at rest not in the immediate field of awareness, setting in motion reproducing the letters that prove what is stated.

Having documents establishing and authorizing by God financial right, claim and share in a widespread and far-reaching piece of property having an estate in land consisting in land. The residences built on it, the family's entire property and possessions, distinct political and social status, rights, and powers, ownership and use of property for a group of persons involved in a Kingdom Family business pertaining to monetary affairs, funds, revenue and income. Supplying money managing the finances dealing with money and credit, adding or attaching the pieces as for enlargement, uniting or reuniting the pieces as in mending, uniting parts into a whole sending out spreading in all directions, affording approach, view, passage, and access, understandable light of day.

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