Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Surrender to superior power yielding oneself without restraint to the power of a mental attitude basing on feeling instead of belief, an instinctive foreboding producing great interest or excitement coming to understand apprehending with the mind.

Utter surrender to one's natural, sudden, and unreasoned inclination to action giving up by formal statement, a positive declaration setting apart for a particular function designating by formal agreement in writing for continuous activity carrying through to completion an undertaking.

Official permission to turn aside from a way or course said of God, any ceremony performed in an established or prescribed manner and any sign or token of a solemn covenant or pledge having a secret or mysterious meaning investing with ministerial or priestly functions.

Directing and controlling according to certain rules or principles causing to cease from activity, a time lying in death remaining unchanged, demanding authoritatively, ordering, commanding, and enforcing obedience. Setting down as a direction or rule to be followed imposing conditions or course of actions forbidding or prohibiting by order, administering judgment enforcing by law.

Hold in mind little or no resemblance revising by making less extreme, severe, or uncompromising, subject to continual change distinguishing from the knowledge, doctrines, customs, practices transmitted from generation to generation.

A certain purpose working and functioning properly, shielding from inclement weather and protection from exposure to evil, injury, or loss, any cause or instance of peril or chance of encountering harm or loss inflicting suffering causing agony or worry.

Coming to a decisive change in the course of a disease granting all request with great speed ending in a short time physical roughness overwhelmingly forcible. Any condition of ill health or malfunctioning having particular symptoms, any disordered or unwholesome condition of extreme suffering or its cause, any distressing or afflicting emotion, and any diseased condition causing physical pain or discomfort.

Giving physical strength by the addition of another stimulus, a reward rendering valid and binding by formal approval increasing the wealth making more productive raising works for the purpose of defense, furnishing and strengthening conceding or granting on this formal occasion.

Bring into being a relationship deriving from, relating through, and connecting with the family's father, coming into being your father's issue. Take the first step, the means or channel of admission membership in the Kingdom Family the beginning of life.

A primary source causing to come into being his words, power producing or originating the outcome, a physical consequent promoting growth and abundance, a natural product of the people of the United States of America.

Come into view in a higher place rising to the surface developing and growing rapidly increasing in capabilities and maturity advancing from a lower to a higher stage. A spectacular occurrence unforeseen covering with a growth, all living individual belonging to the human kingdom increasing different from the average meeting specifications.

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