Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


The form perceivable by the eye exist only in appearance, a visible representative of a person apart from physically perceptible connection of that which is embodied having no material existence, the immaterial nature or soul of man. Of God, the highest moral and intellectual qualities, equitable, just, and righteous the principal features of the human body, a man or woman of importance, a person, an individual single in kind.

The external or physical aspect an outward display, a visual appearance of the power imparting life in man, divine in origin free from physical existence observable without an intermediate mode of existence.

Power acting as the authority of God causing a material change settling and reconciling by intervening as a peacemaker between other persons occurring without delay or lapse of time, a particular stage in a series of events, excellence, distinction, and enjoyment. A star twinkling happening without delay acting and completing within a moment, the present moment separating by no appreciable interval of time or space. The family acting directly and without an intervening agency, full compensation no more and no less having remarkable talent, power, and ability.

Out of the ordinary course of nature deviating greatly from the natural, in character far exceeding the usual, very great, the material change preserving a pictorial representation, a likeness, the face from life a vivid word description.

Chosen representing a sizable collection forming a harmonious unit of people for the family's interest, an amount stated, an expanse of level land, naming the boundary, uniting, lying close together touching, joining, or adjoining at the border inseparably connecting devotedly attaching the family's course directing the way home.

A situation involving one of the three individualities in a threefold personality existing in the one divine being, the union in one God of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the speaker, the person spoken to, and the person spoken of. The eternal triangle having three goals proceeding from an extreme love of all people, payment, the use of money making a return, and giving back financial right, claim, and share in a business. Moving and turning a mental tendency, the explanation giving the meaning and assigning to actions, intentions, and works of art. Proceeding or turning itself moving seasonally from one climate to another adding the third of three equal parts, formal communication in writing.

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