Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Embark upon a profession, a commercial enterprise committing and using money to purchase property, freeing from fear and apprehension. A formal promise meeting stated specifications receiving from God an indeterminate amount of money, the greatest possible amount or its equivalent for relief of all family debt moving with great speed performing the act in a brief time.

Enact an official decree publicly announcing and making known a body preparing for the accomplishment of purpose, the permanent equitable right to the enjoyment of lands and a dwelling place completing without delay and with ease. Beginning suddenly resembling a natural stream of water feeding along its course and discharging into a larger body, the official and proper route of communication charting the course of the internal affairs of a country. Endowing with life and energy replenishing with new supplies giving out from an official source as a means of making a journey.

A coming together of society rising and improving moving with speed delivering title and property and transferring money freedom from poverty by deliberate action, purpose rousing to activity a quickening action. Human vision taking place at the moment God speaks in the mind revealing and broadening knowledge to the vision center of the brain. Perception into the inner nature the power by which one understands exposing to view the period of mental understanding, a lifetime of success, influence, and accomplishment happening everyday.

Dividing and dealing out in shares assigning proportionally a quantity of land putting in circulation liberty and pursuit of happiness, the gratification of God's children, and a state of reconciliation after enmity without conditions or qualifications indicating strength that can not be mistaken.

Go beyond bounds and restrictions with absolute powers, self-governing, managing affairs of the Kingdom Family having sufficient means, authority, qualification, and jurisdiction. Internally known superiority official power articulating with words explaining all existing in nature visible and directly observable.

A movement exhibiting action, filling with activity never still producing increase in quantity, quality, and value without a mortgage or other liens attached to real property, releasing as from prison, slavery, or other restraints. A series of acts delivering from uneasiness in mind, any distressing or afflicting emotion, and the constraining and binding power of law, promise, and conscience, freeing from all that holds or binds, permitting circulation and performance, and discharging from debts. Releasing casting aside as useless and undesirable a state of rest or inactivity, standing still receiving a severe expression of disapproval, reprimand, condemnation, and blame.

Initiate an operation untying causing to be as if never done, turning in an opposite direction making ineffective and depriving of legal force obligations in writing under seal releasing from heavy words, reacting suddenly and impulsively making an abrupt transition.

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