Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Conferring as a document of incorporation of a borough, town, or city specifying its privileges and purposes issuing 28 May Year 2001 simultaneously, the present time going from place to place, position to position. The period covering official permission, a formal parting salutation, a quick look, a final separation closing and fastening securely forbidding exit, influencing progress and activity.

Not coming to an end, terminating, dying, failing to notice or consider an applicant expressing time to come, a word qualifying the meaning of another word performing the character, the special duties or action of superior quality fitting and appropriate to time now occurring.

Doing and occurring without delay or lapse of time, a sparkle of the eye as the leading part shining prominently in a calling and profession imparting life making alive. A bow forming the passage across the gap, the apparent path of a heavenly body the change of direction from one medium to another of different closeness of parts specifying families, the eye forming an image upon the inner connecting adjoining structures.

An important and influential sovereign nation serving again diligence in business moving freely as a flag in the wind the external circumstances and conditions affecting the existence and development of an assemblage of persons. Transmitting within the cover as a letter the outer fabric steering by means of its own motive power increasing quickly in magnitude.

The Promise Land conveying and granting the seat of power, continuing in a place left behind after the departure adhering to promise. One's birthplace during years of development a peaceful dwelling of human beings, a principle forming civilization. A corporate body organizing and performing housing such a body treasuring the face of this precious gem.

The present time, instantaneous immediate recognition relating to the present moment separating by no appreciable break in continuity and very close in relationship, the family acting immediately producing a result. Standing bringing into the presence and acquaintance of another introducing one of higher rank exhibiting to view and notice suggesting to the mind the specific period giving over to special activity.

Passing from person to person circulating money and news speaking to the entire mass believing, receiving with favor, willingness, and consent, giving an affirmative answer receiving as satisfactory and sufficient. Taking with good grace submitting the exchange of materials on a large scale extending a business, people following a particular calling, social intercourse agreeing, paying, selecting individuals believing in widespread and general sharing equally by all.

The period of time during which all remain in existence continuing to be, continuance in time distributing human life time available for recreation or relaxation freedom from pressing necessity or obligation having time to spare. Apprehending the meaning of writing by perceiving the form and relation, an example, a favorable time happening and appearing again repeatedly recurring, doing, making, saying again, a reproduction of an original, an exact copy immediately afterward, the third day.

A fit or proper moment or occasion planting, the period of pregnancy carrying the young protecting and developing before birth, engendering and bringing into life, the moment of childbirth considering with reference to one's personal experience.

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