Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Knowing beyond doubt incapable of disputing not admitting denial confirming a winner opening an entrance to the Kingdom Family Treasure House administering more in an easy manner, life peculiar to the present time perfectly clear and complete in every detail, altogether accurate designing for use.

Transferring by gift the business placing the persons adjusting affairs, settling of a new indefinite portion of territory over which a sovereign exercises jurisdiction. A considerable tract of land giving a visual representation, various substances of wealth and riches describing in full detail and clearly perceiving by the eyes representing authorization.

A place of security defending against a setting upon violently and physical and moral conflict, giving new strength with additional persons employing in the business and providing the organization with materials adding everything necessary in creating, working up, and developing physical things as a reward.

A partnership with God conducting business performing great service enriching a town, a place inhabiting a large permanent community in Colorado, a territorial area of land forming by subdividing lots of a rural area with certain corporate powers having local self-government, combining and merging as one body. An organization wholly uniting and complete within itself, a natural whole for purposes of construction.

Free citizens existing objectively, an actual being having its own name and identity with rights and privileges acting as one body, indisputable privileges granting by royal charter. The inhabitant townspeople of the first class, fortifying strongly a place free from danger and poverty a safe place of divine status, wisdom setting apart and dedicating to use honoring the association with God and relating to the godhead.

Consecrating and dedicating a purpose not to be profaned violating a solemn promise to God to perform making gifts and sacrifices, adopting a certain course of life, pursuing a pledge of faithfulness not violating or breaking. A temple without right of seizure rising and standing like a tower, determining direction freely suspending attaining and accomplishing a field of activity. Power resulting from wealth operating and distributing, the United States of America forming an association with the Kingdom Family of God, a union subject to central administration.

At a distance from the most populous part of America furnishing and covering, increasing in wealth, power and distinction a generation growing within toward the better having excellence and dignity. An equal in natural gifts and in social rank of the abode of God and his angels, the divine principles of life in man having the nature of virtue receiving eternal reward.

An area having an indisputable self-government, an American territory of considerable extent dealing with all branches of business not specializing, exercising faculties and functions of enduring importance, a sovereign people of a kingdom with a King and a Queen.

The spiritual dominion of God an extensive piece of property having an estate in land a people of good family and the residences built on it. A tract of ground together with all its appurtenances, as water, forest, building, all natural resources using in production setting up a body moving from one place settling in another living in a land apart from but under the control of the Father.

An area newly occupying by those living and laboring there forming a community having life, everyday life purposing and planning for maintaining existence, actual life accurately representing the real image of the Father. A business firm settling debts and discharging obligations providing support for all members, the family of the Son of Peace, a settlement house for a particular purpose.

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