Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Deliver from all that distress, annoy, upset, afflict, or confuse, all unpleasant sensations and the amount of one's debts obligating to perform announced plans or designs. Release possession of wealth and a parcel of land equitable in the sight of God complete in every detail at this point in the proceedings. A space for occupancy designed for the family of the Prince of Peace, a dwelling place and a piece of land, prearranged property and wealth.

Carry plans into effect the terms of the ultimate and immediate purpose holding property in trust and managing the affairs of the family, an offer of gratification making reparation, atonement, and compensation. Head an administrative government administering personal property transferring for benefit of all persons, property, rights, and powers dealing out in shares, spreading out, dividing and assigning proportionally to the head of each household as his or her share.

Distribute a printed publication issuing monthly containing new and unfamiliar information putting into word messages sent from heaven. A bearer of official dispatches to earth performing a series of actions in a brief time, possessing extraordinary powers, and responding readily and eagerly to knowledge imparted.

Act in the present time and arrive promptly giving formally perfection of animate existence, eternal life taking place before the time of death passing on the likeness of the Father.

Purpose to protect adjusting by spacing, private lands, a definite portion of real estate and a dwelling for all human beings. The residence of a family dwelling together, a happy home setting in operation freedom from disadvantage, loss, or suffering discharging from penalty, granting a pardon, setting free and shielding by providing with means of support and subsistence. Financial right, claim, and share in an estate defense from feeling the lack of anything necessary or desirable, mental suffering causing discomfort.

All men, women, and children receive an attitude typical of a society of friends, kind and favorable acting with warm regard and affection uniting in purpose, healthy and strong supplying and enjoying abundant nourishment, the power of choice.

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