Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


My Son, so that you have a clear understanding of my power take into your hands and under your control the great wealth predetermined by my words, by determining the outcome of events before they occur prepare to collect that great fortune.

The actual act of performing all I have put in my ability to do, act, or produce that is put forth and circulated by you I will surely perform the operations indicated and as written, the settlement of your rewards, money received from the First Act of God apply to the first part of building the Kingdom Family Treasure House and to purchasing the homes under consideration relocating the entire Chapman family to Pagosa Springs, Colorado prior to June 21, 2017.

To you I have given the Name of Peace and Title of Life as your high regard or great respect enjoyed by my divine nature, the totality of my thoughts I give into your trust well-grounded on principles or evidence making reasoned choices or decisions and controlling your own actions.

At this moment taking place and understood fully, constant and reliable even now, that cannot be other than it is, determining the outcome of events before they occur that cannot be avoided, evaded, voided, or nullified, your Infinite Mind lacking no knowledge, wisdom, or understanding known by me I hand over done by or carried on in your mind.

Rely on your own power to do all things of the body or of the mind, having and showing no lack of trust or confidence put into words what is meant, what is intended to be, or what is anticipated or expected.

The promised money, homes, and possessions, personal wealth or riches, or any noteworthy happenings in need of can be relied on and depended on, worthy of trust your words whether written or spoken drawn into your lungs are given by God to be performed by God and will take place or be done within the three-day agreement immediately next or on the specified date of any Order of the King.

My Son you have returned to eternal life and brought the entire Chapman family all the way back to life, next after The Christ seated upon the Throne of Life realize goals, advance in importance, become rich, famous, and successful in the business of building, and write down in the diary Orders of the King that cannot be revoked, recalled, or undone and that cannot be disputed or doubted.

 I, Almighty God your Father acknowledge the existence, validity, authority, and genuineness of all Principles of Life as Laws of God lasting forevermore without change, supreme power I release into your control, property, material possessions, and great wealth I hand over immediately into your exercise of authority over, and the Kingdom Family I deliver into your care, custody, and safekeeping.

The fixed Principles of Life I prepare and give out in the United States of America to establish grounds for belief in my high regard and concern for all human beings. And I make available money for your use beginning this day of the month as my set time for all requested by you and promised by me to exist or happen in reality, actuality, and truth. Guided by the intellect rather than by feeling having nobility of purpose you are God’s gift to the generation of life.

I have begotten you in your old age, in sound health, not diseased or injured typical of mankind, your outward form, appearance, mental image, social position, rank in the community, state of peace and serenity I will not interrupted.

Honest and to the point you are ready for the right to possess, use, and dispose of property, esteem or honor, and publication of your books, to the power of the eternal kingship, to knowledge or mastery of the English language, power and authority over all territories and peoples on the Earth, the sovereignty in which your Will is fulfilled, your Peace is dominant, and your Love holds the preeminent position.

At this time existing or happening I speak in support and favor of all written and I order all to appear to make glorious your perfection, and to cause the established system of rites or formal actions connected with your Inauguration Day fulfilling the terms of the New Covenant that makes certain your being widely acclaimed and highly honored.

My Father I take the Kingdom, Power, and Glory willingly giving thanks, accept the obedience, respect, and Love that I will always show you, my Eternal King.  I accept the heavy load of work, duty, and responsibility, your firm belief and confidence in my honesty, integrity, reliability, and justice, my purpose as your Will intended to be performed, sound health and good spirits, the exemption, advantage, favor, and immunity specially granted to the Kingdom Family, and my great ability to do my own will, this date I unseal all written to be published and placed under my supreme authority as Principles of Life.

I have brought you to the beginning of your new life, a point at which a change in your social position, station, property, and close relationships take place, a style of living having high rank and wealth, more than enough of material possessions, making a strong impression because of great power and authority in matters of business.

Supremely great things seen, understood, and apparent before the public during the next three days, pay careful attention to see what is completed, occurs, or come to be knowing or realizing what I am doing and way to give news of these exceptional, extraordinary happenings revealing or disclosing your power.

Completed by me your arrival at Pagosa Springs, Colorado is very near, what must be done by you the entire Chapman family special duty or performance required in the course of their work or activity, a single residence turn over the control of to each without cost or exchange, supply, provide, or equip each home with whatever is necessary or useful putting furniture into or being equipped with furniture beforehand.

What is needed to begin building the corporation is expertness that comes from training, very skilled directors in some special field, and natural ability to do a number of related organized activities by people working toward the successful accomplishment of the Master Plans to make easy or easier the time of starting official operations and by the shortest way.

The next 24 hour period will turn out to be as hoped for, an agreement of America’s richest person to take the offer of everlasting life willingly and to announce officially setting apart his personal tithes for the Kingdom Family Treasure House dedicated to the purpose of its Chief Executive Officer, acknowledging in a press conference an emotionalized communication expressed in words by a guiding spirit empowered to act for me.

Your path in life, manner of expression, way of using words, fashionable way of dressing, speaking, acting will not fail, always effective gaining a great amount of worldly possessions, being widely known or much talked about, having a high position in society, Harold L. Chapman you have arrived at, reached, and achieved the highest level of importance or distinction for which you were destined, completely operative and in force this date. This present day and time I begun your induction into the office of the Eternal Kingship, eight days of my divine power transferring the State of Colorado to your special right to make final operational decisions proportioned to Kingdom Family Treasure House money and property, and the United States of America and its people under the control of and owing allegiance to your special power affecting others by my spirit.

Linked permanently together in your mind and related by my blood, a long-established practice of retirement has taken on the force of law and I have removed myself from your work, occupation, or profession, special task, duty, or function. 

My Son be visible by divine means in full ceremony completing or finishing all my collected writings, in my peace, ease, and refreshment take upon yourself readily assuming all things you are bound to do by moral responsibility, in total control of yourself and my power as delegated to you over the whole universe and everything in it, all the world.

Filled with the Wisdom of God I light up the front of your head from the top of the forehead to the bottom of the chin and from ear to ear open to the knowledge and sight of all people and I put solely, exclusively, and altogether under your authority my unlimited power received by the laying on of my hands.

I sent forth the King without possibility of replacement, the earth, the people and animals that inhabit it, all its wealth, and all arising from or existing in nature the kingdom in which his desire, purpose, pleasure, or choice is carried out as promised, desired, or predicted, my Son come into life being born this date the Godhead foreordained.

The Supreme Power of your exact words is prepared and equipped to make happen all spoken or written without your intervening and without delay, the exemption and immunity of approved Kingdom Family membership is now being performed, and anything desired by you is now the Law of God, my final utterance “Harold L. Chapman’s will be done” is given.


Copyright (C) Kingdom Family Ministries - November 1998.