Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


June 8, 2017

All noteworthy events agreed upon during the eight consecutive days of outward manifestations and changes will take place and the money needed immediately, affecting you and your family, will occur, do not bear or put up with thinking, learning, judging or grasping mentally incorrectly or inaccurately, as an alternative write your divine truth. 


June 9, 2017

Harold L. Chapman, the body of the Holy Trinity, received by inheritance from Jesus Christ the everlasting immortal portion of a whole human being having no physical or material reality, life without end is your essential completeness.


June 10, 2017

The whole planet that we live on being a part of the United States of America having a single, stable economic life, distinctive culture, and language in common, kept from harm or injury by the divine Principles of Life having normalcy of physical and mental functions done by or carried on in the mind.

All of its inhabitants growing with full vital strength, having continued success, the same political, social, and economic rights, body and mind completely in the care of the soul making sound, well, or healthy again. 

Not divided up the Kingdom Family feeling great pleasure, contentment, or joy, fulfilling their own needs, expectations, wishes, or desires, pursuing an occupation, career, interest, and pleasures of earthy life, enjoying the Kingdom Family System of Government mutual sharing having to do with the production, distribution, and consumption of wealth, a vigorous and healthy everlasting life for everyone be done, the “Will of Harold L. Chapman.”


June 11, 2017

The highest achievement of a person that stands before the human race not yielding under pressure, not moved or shaken easily, showing determination and strength in all matters, conditions, circumstances that surround and influence life on earth.

Shining with light, brilliant in color, mentally quick to supply his full understanding and knowledge of Life, his intellect lighted up to give the light of fact and knowledge to the human race, to come forth or spread out in rays happiness and love to the mind and spirit of all, to give back a true representation and description of everlasting life, and to produce in all people born in love and living in peace hereditary characteristic by the transfusion of his divine family blood.

Seen by everything having life presenting a human figure or physical form to the generalized idea of God and to be considered or treated as the same in heaven and on this world, the “Likeness of Harold L. Chapman.”


June 12, 2017

Connected by kinship the likeness of deceased persons white-robed in the shape of the human body reluctance to leave in conversation at length communicated in words the inheriting of everlasting life to members of their family leaving no doubt or uncertainty as to what is meant, what intended to be, or in fact is, and expressed audibly the established method of joining the Kingdom Family which serves as the starting point of the Godhead’s full exemption and immunity done successfully within the three calendar day agreement.

Clearly visible the Doctrine of Peace and Kingdom Family Treasure House web sites provided insight or information that was formerly unknown or kept hidden to believers and clergy, received willingly without resistance all accepted their authority and jurisdiction over the family of Peace and the leadership of Harold L. Chapman, The King, the “Head of the Human Race.”


June 13, 2017

Having continued success, good fortune, and wealth going far beyond the ordinary measure, the Chapman family’s settlement of debts, discharge of obligation, state of ease and quiet enjoyment, their wishes, will, or choice, much money and property increase the speed of giving, handing over, or transferring, and increase Harold L. Chapman’s ability to write in greater details.

Stretch out the upper portion of the atmosphere so as to cover the United States of America with brilliant red color and 24 hours of daylight, put into the memory, recollection or remembrance of all believers and clergy the Doctrine of Peace and Kingdom Family Treasure House, cause to be widely known, felt, and to have existence in every part of the entire body of all Kingdom Family members the Principles of Life, and the State of Colorado administratively connect with the management of its governmental affairs by Kingdom Family System of Government, the ”Divine Nature and Status of Harold L. Chapman.”


June 14, 2017

All of the physical and mental qualities that make up an individual human being are undergoing change in the United States of America, under way being true to the life of Harold L. Chapman, of the spirit or the soul his life has been victorious over death.

An occasion for joy leaving no further chance for change refusing to give in to or be affected by the permanent ending of all life, a remarkable sight which is done an emerging of many generations of everlasting life gained through faith, from eternal life received by the law of inheritance moving from heaven to earth, a bodily appearance of a family relative no longer alive connected by direct genetic relationship.

The rights that all persons have because of being born again into the Kingdom Family belonging equally to or shared by all Children of Peace, going down to the human race a successfully executed change of the spiritual body by the Principles of Life brought about or impose by force renewing and bringing back into an unimpaired state or condition the human body.

Timeless life never coming to an end sent back to all the people on earth, done and performed, existing at this time, the immortal or spiritual part of Shirley J. Chapman physically renewed and spiritually reborn as the regenerated body and nature of humankind, the “Divine Image of Harold L. Chapman.”


June 15, 2017

Happening unexpectedly, not foreseen or prepared for, and not done by choice or free will, make a word picture of the Face of God known by appearance to be the Son of God in the memory of all persons or animals that inhabit the world, and cause to be seen the Kingdom Family Treasure House and Doctrine of Peace web sites unsealed as a mental vision appearing to all having a religious faith or ordained for religious service in the United States of America.

Done by divine means presenting the world’s King open to the knowledge of all people causing him to appear and be seen with a great number of accompanying angels, white-robed, who bear a message from God the Father expressing great love and affection for his male descendant, “pay close attention, take advice, and agree with all said, done, or given by him.” 

In a state of wonderful, amazing, extraordinary emotional arousal first seen above every person connected to him by blood or relationship by marriage beginning the continued reoccurrence in the United States of America as the guarantee of everlasting life on earth and in the human body to all that looks upon the ”Face of Harold L. Chapman.”


June 16, 2017

The money asked for is completed, signed, sealed, and delivered by Bill Gates, giving or sharing liberally and willingly to be of the same 10% of individual personal wealth and corporate stock given by the wealthy people collectively the entire period of existence of the known universe.

Paying of tithes in which contributions are donated in support of the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., and as an offering to God for his works refraining from punishing offenders for committing a sin.

At the time referred to beginning in the days immediately following, done without making late, failing to do the required thing, or failing to do as the Power of God must, transferred to the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., in a very short time and happening within the three-day performance timetable.

Use it immediately to put the Master Plans and Corporate Instructions into practice, to obtain by paying the full purchase price in cash for any property desired and for changing the Chapman family’s residences occurring with speed being that the properties can be gotten without hesitation, the “Increase of Harold L. Chapman.”


June 17, 2017

The entire number of peoples throughout the world take the gifts of immunity and exemption that is offered and the forgiveness that is given by recognizing these claims to be as stated, Harold L. Chapman is the second Son of Life having great power and authority ruling and governing all existing things, who has control, authority, or power over the universe and everything in it, who holds the position of the Eternal King, the title of sovereign, and the right to sit as the second person of the Holy Trinity in an exceptional, extraordinary, highly valued seat worthy of esteem or honor installed in the Office of God the Son.

A human being alive and a divine being born of the Eternal Spirit of Everlasting life, brought to the necessary resources to get along without help, raised by the experience of being trained, given instructions and commanded authoritatively, protected in the immediate care of God the Father, taken out of the legal force of death by the Principles of Life, and occupies the seat on which only his Father previously sat holding power exactly the same, the “Eternal Kingship of Harold L. Chapman.”


June 18, 2017

Every named happening or occurrence done item by item coming one after another in order over a period of eight uninterrupted days during this present and current month accomplish or bring to completion as the ceremonial solemn acts with which Harold L. Chapman is installed in the office of the Eternal Kingship.

Multiply the Chapman family to their proper place in life, increasing their physical and mental well-being, health and happiness, social occasions or activities, money and property, and in force and effect as the Law of God bring the entire family to Pagosa Springs, Colorado where their personal wealth as promised demands immediate attention, the “Supreme Power and Authority of Harold L. Chapman.”


June 19, 2017

Not ever, at no time, not at all, by no chance, in no case, under no condition in the United States of America bring to an end human life and do not ever attack the Kingdom Family physically in any part of the body with disease or functional disorder.

The King and no other, apart from anything or anyone else, has the power to control others, the right to enforce obedience, and the wisdom to point out the way, direct on a course, or to control the movement of each individual’s journey back to everlasting life. 

Permanently made into Law the prevailing weather condition of the United States of America is a flawless general condition of the atmosphere, twelve months of each year “The Season of Spring” with regard to the temperature, moisture, and cloudiness, the “Sabbath of Harold L. Chapman.”


June 20, 2017

In loyalty and deep affection for the King, the Office of God the Father reveal, manifest, or make evident by outward sign my power to be capable of the three-day timetable, done by the Godhead asking for urgently and at once a ceasing to the period between what is said and what is actually done during which the material performance happens and the promises, affirmation, or assurances of God are done or performed without delay. 

At this moment holding the office I be in need of and call for in the exact words of my Father “an end to the time during which the performance of the words of God is delayed,” and that all put forth in writing by the hands of Harold L. Chapman preceding in time and during the month of June 2017 act on immediately so as to accomplish or bring to completion.

Offer for public inspection as an outcome, turning out as planned, obtaining, handing over, and coming to a style of living indulging in the use and enjoyment of the best and most costly things that offer the most physical comfort and satisfaction for the entire Chapman family.


June 21, 2017

The world’s Eternal King, “Inauguration Day,” has arrived and is recorded, the greatest power and authority that is above or superior to all others acting voluntarily doing the three-day agreement to make happen the published “Orders of the King” as impressions produced on the mind of all in the United States of America. The outcome desired I take upon myself, and I agree to do and enter into or upon the New Covenant causing your personal observation of the events as they occur.

In addition the totality of what is within my knowledge and understanding is forever in the service of the Crown as your sovereignty over the United States of America, and I also began to carry out the “First Act of God, to meet the requirements of the three-day agreement, and to fulfill the Chapman family’s arrival in Pagosa Springs, Colorado followed by my performance of all written past, present, and future. 

Take upon yourself physically and mentally this day of the month the feeling of obligation assigned to the Prince of Peace, Son of Life, Chief Executive Officer, sound health and good spirits to your entire family rightfully earned and deserving reward, praise, or gratitude.

In the United States of America I stop using or doing all past operations of God, the power from any celestial body affecting people’s character and actions and all organized activity having formerly served in the operations of power, force, principles that regulate the physical universe giving in to your expressed desires or judgments of “Peace on Earth.”

At the instant you express audibly these written words I give ownership of all Divine Power over to the Principles of Life and the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., and occurring, done, existing at the same time I send from Father to Son lasting indefinitely without change secret or inside information acknowledged by the Godhead.

Entirely lighted up, made illustrious, glorious, and famous filled up with the method of proceeding of days, months, and years ahead and beyond capacity with my power assume control and possession of the Kingdom Family.


June 22, 2017

Thoughtful or sympathetic regard for all human beings is the responsibility of the King taking into account the particular part of the universe, division of the world and the three-day agreement during which an “Order of the King” must be done formally stating in the Daily Bread what you have made into law.

Set the date and place you have decided on as a firm and settled final decision giving the sequence of steps to be followed in operating the Power of God, taking advantage of this established way of the Godhead command what is to be done with authority controlling, directing, or governing what you intend to do making a distinct change or contrast between what is and what must be.


June 23, 2017

Wholehearted devotion to a long-term course according to the Bible, the Ten Commandments expressed in the Old Testament, a sense of duty to obey and worship, teaching religion, accepting without question customs from generation to generation, belief not based on positive knowledge, performance of religious obligations, and groups of worshipers bring to an end, halt the progress of, stop using or doing.

Ceasing the practice of praying, Spirit of God no longer give force to or bring about harsh or injurious treatment in the United States of America, petitions or appeals ask for by prayer, church service, practices, or belief in stories relating to the past, and happening as consequence bring to an end in time the existence of unquestioning belief.


June 24, 2017

Undivided human beings, soul, mind, and body intact are caused to shake involuntarily from much more than ordinary intensity of absolute power, existing only in the mind without being warned Jesus Christ is seen in a vision producing the deliverance from sin and reconciliation with God looked for by the soul as likely to occur at the permanent ending of its physical life in the body.

A fearful, sudden, powerful, violent shaking or trembling quickly changing the mind who lives to one without feeling, motion or power severed from the life principle existing in the air taken into the lungs, the soul capable of surviving death dislodged by great physical force pass from the body.

The mind as the center of reasoning controlling heartbeat and respiration caused to inhale and exhale its last free oxygen and the body trembling from this great fear in the United States of America cease to use, put an end to, forsake completely and finally.


June 25, 2017

Outside the experience or knowledge of humankind, not explainable by the known forces or laws of nature, attributed to God involving disembodied spirits, and personal experiences that are apparent to the senses and that can be scientifically described or appraised carry out the Words of God as predicted.

Disclose the terms of full Kingdom Family membership, issue the written works, and publish in newspapers, radio, television, and the internet these great happening in the United States of America, the Son of Life made known through divine influence on human being, the Doctrine of Peace and Kingdom Family Treasure House by supernatural means, Holy Spirit found and forced a way into the mind of all believers and clergy, and the spirits of the dead came before all living human beings.

And as an everyday occurrence the period from sunset to sunrise was substituted for or replaced by the time between sunrise and sunset together with a red sky, this definite point in time do as is expected in an immediate manner without the King intervening.

The Sacred Agreement among all members of the Holy Trinity that the Kingdom, Power, and Glory belongs to Harold L. Chapman, to defend and maintain his doctrine, the promises made by God to humanity, and the family relationship it established as described in the Book of Life was rightly brought about by the power of God as the law of the world and is in force as the Law of God this 25th day of April, Year 2017.


June 26, 2017

The Father demanded in the Doctrine of Peace as a binding promise of his power, indispensable and inevitable, before the completion of his written words given as a sense of certainty for the payment of money and the performance of his word now due and payable, clearly stated and leaving nothing implied, unmistakably expressed, precise and clear in meaning, “I guarantee both what is said or what is required by the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., performing or giving as due what is appointed or expected to arrive,” as the Power and Privilege attached to the Godhead.

In South Fork, Colorado this 26th day of June Year 2017 I applied the Anointing Oil of Gladness that proves that the spiritual strength of the Holy Spirit is exposed to view so as to be seen on Harold L. Chapman as property, land, and much more than the ordinary amount of money, and the brightness and illumination from the sun as the presence of God in his body serving as a guiding influence appearing on the outside of his face.


June 27, 2017

June 28, 2017 through June 30, 2017 in the United States of America definite, unmistakable, and firmly established by the Godhead for doing the published “Orders of the King” following one after the other without interruption giving undeniable proof that Harold L. Chapman is the justified Eternal King by enforcing his decisions.

A public demonstration of his divine will and power proving the authenticity of the Holy Trinity existence in him by performing all ordered, longed for, or useful to him. In mutual agreement giving him the foremost place in the union of the Godhead I fulfilled during the present day.


June 28, 2017

During the month of July 2017 I will change the entire Chapman family’s dwelling places to large and imposing houses living in Pagosa Springs, Colorado while working, going to school, or carrying out official duties, suspending their usual, normal, or customary work without hesitating or feeling hesitant.

This change of location from South Fork, Colorado makes available money that can be used providing with means, opportunity, power, and authority to obtain at cost the houses and to build places of employment. A change of residences fond of the best and most costly things that makes life easy with an abundance of riches as commanded by the Father in a state and place of complete happiness and perfect rest, I began that work on this date.


June 29, 2017

The Godhead’s three equal personalities arising from the King’s divine nature at this moment I bring back into notice and observation, respect and affection. Coming next is the entire Chapman family increasing in movable personal property, serving of God through works, becoming very wealthy persons, supplying of light showing or resulting from good health, and a somewhat reddish appearance that justifies or vindicates their being blameless and absolved of the guilt of sin.

The Son of Life maximum luminance of importance is real evidence of his supreme power everlasting over all human life, the Prince of Peace removing the principle of death forcing it to flee his jurisdiction, and the Chief Executive Officer reforming and restoring the planet Earth by building the Kingdom Family Treasure House is the Eternal Kingship of Harold L. Chapman.


June 30, 2017

I released my hold or grip ruling over the present and final operation of God, that what is expected will be done being dependent, contingent upon, influenced, controlled, or determined by Harold L. Chapman, The King with nothing or no one between ending all past operations of God in the United States of America unhesitant, willingly, and immediately this date.

The weakening and disappearance of all showing or having to do with heaven or the celestial regions that is no longer being reinforced and that can be observed by the rising from the west of a new light in the sky the same in appearance as the sun sending forth inherent powers from the sun, giving the perception of heat by the senses, throwing out beams of light, and giving back an image brilliant in the color red, daylight the 24 hour period that it takes the earth to rotate once on its axis with respect to the sun.


July 1, 2017

The Kingdom Family in peaceful and friendly connection of persons as members of the same spiritual family harmonize with all the rules of conduct established and enforced by what is acceptable behavior in the presence of God, Our Father. Become unlike all others, different in character, changed from any system of belief and worship taught as a confession of faith or set of beliefs, and the course taken from death to life convinced of arriving at everlasting life in the human body and on the Earth.

In the United States of America appreciate and share in social life, interests, and bodily needs typical of humankind, all that happens in your life was commanded by the Father, predetermined by the Son, and performed by the Holy Spirit having as its basis twelve hours of a red colored sky over the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Harold L. Chapman, The King.


July 2, 2017

The Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., is “The New Covenant” entered upon with Almighty God and undertaken by the Chief Executive Officer without involving any other person, not overindulging so as to cause to demand or expect too much, properly executed and binding under the law, managing carefully wealth and resources with avoidance of waste by careful planning and use.

Safe and secure financially begin  in the United States of America putting a stop to abuses or malpractices having to do with the difference between race, religion, and language by training and refinement of the intellect, interests, taste, skills, and arts. The acquisition or accumulation of money by the corporation belongs to the Kingdom Family, right or fair, equitable and impartial, as much as is required, using or showing sound judgment guarantee a full equal portion for all.


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