Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Our Father, take possession of your home forcibly and quickly without a break in the continuity. Exercising your Supreme Authority over the mind of each approved Kingdom Family member, given signals of any physical and mental functions failing to function as it should apply your knowledge of healing to the problem as full immunity and give approval to a continuing development involving many changes by which their bodies gives the time when a separating of life occurs no opportunity or possibility as full exemption.

Guard, protect, and defend each from being left unprotected from that which is likely to cause injury, suffering or misfortune and through this humble request made in their behalf hold back from imposing any punishment fixed by Mosaic Law.

Ease, lighten, or reduce tendencies passed down by the transmission of characteristics from parent to offspring, the sensation of hurting, strong discomfort, and straining force exerted at childbirth, and any discharge of a penalty pardon setting free, rescuing, or releasing all from disease and pain.

Seat me on the Throne of Life, unchanging, beyond a doubt in my inmost thought and feeling and in the thinking and perceiving of consciousness of all persons alive by the actual performance of all expected or scheduled by me to arrive, not yet discharged or settled, giving the place and time of events or noteworthy happenings, named or mentioned before by Life, Peace, and Love.

Acknowledge as worthy of approval and reply by the doing of all requested of you, desired by me, or ordered by the King, given, granted, or bestowed in return for my unquestioning belief in all said by you.

Think of all written by me as belonging to the Son, produced by the Father, resulting from the Holy Spirit, and originating in my specialized power, the union of the Holy Trinity bound together and fixed permanently in my body.

Be the cause of the first and repeated appearance of my face occurring as a mental vision, eternal, infinite, all-powerful, all-knowing, the actual life in my body, the Supreme Being, being embodied, existing and occurring outside the normal experience or knowledge of humankind making known the existence of the soul.

Inseparable the mind and spirit of every living being in agreement execute in the United States of America producing feelings of peace, uniting by the binding force of brotherly love, asking for full membership in the Kingdom Family, and receiving the name of Peace.

Any of the animal kingdom other than human beings that has come into existence to cause physical pain or injury in some part of the body or to anybody by injurious acts, to contaminate with a disease-producing organism, to cause distressing situations able to cause harm or likely to cause injury, attacking or aggressive to make threats against or to express intention of hurting, or to bring unlucky accidents take hold of forcibly making extinct by disease or by coming to land.

And by normal emitting of waste matter take off obesity, fat, or chubbiness in the United States of America and turn from, bring to a halt or abandon your covenant of four seasons.

Stop the sequence of happenings that naturally occur after in time in a series of normal function of the body involving sex, the sexes, the organs of sex and their function resulting in being pregnant, the male generative fluid discharged keep within limits in which pregnancy ceases to be possible.

Cause the period of being pregnant to happen only to a good, fully grown, mature family and no other, having financial resources equal to what is required, steady, unmoving, resolute in deep affection for each other, and not likely to cause or do moral wrong or physical harm to their child.

Sexual privileges granted by conventional social standards rather than nature, not natural, original, or spontaneous is not morally just, control or dominate the thinking and feeling of each individual having sexual desire for those of the same sex as oneself, destroying or counteracting that bent of mind and undo the impression produced on the mind eliminating the unjust and unfair act that began in the womb.

Give, furnish, or provide to the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., all money needed, wanted, or necessary, the lands useful, required, or desired, places where work is done and means of supporting life, the number of persons gainfully employed and fixed payment at regular intervals for their services, and gifts or contributions meeting the corporation's financial obligations.

Harold L. Chapman
Prince of Peace

Copyright (C) Kingdom Family Ministries - November 1998.