Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Receive the honor of a triumph extremely joyful, a time of celebration marked by special observances. The west wind prevails in the mountains of South Fork, Colorado and by the great majority of people is rightfully called for many reasons, father, author, and originator.

A man born into the world who sees the Kingdom of God, the head of my family that exercises leadership and great power in the whole body of persons, things and phenomena of earthly existence. An orderly harmonious systematic universe ruled through the direct intervention and divine power of Harold L. Chapman, regard him with great honor as ruler of the universe.

Having real being both material and spiritual being one with the Father, exclusive of anyone or anything else and without reference to any other of my children, he only possesses the power of the Holy Spirit and the infinite Mind.

The highest human rebuking and destroying error and bringing to light man's immortality, whose right and title comes directly from the Eternal Almighty God his Father. Of noble birth the only legitimate King has come in the name of the LORD, my eldest son with power and authority to communicate directly, speaking or writing in his Father's name and sealing all words said of God with his Father's ring, the Prince of Peace is revealed.

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