Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


I, Almighty God, furnished Harold L. Chapman with superiority against anything that breathe seeking to injure, overthrow, or destroy his person, family, or kingdom. The state of being secured designed to prevent performance involving the application of principles or processes or the exertion of power or influence exposing him to risk.

My assurance, a token of God's disposition to resist and willingness to fight, reduce or eliminate any hostile unit or force, deposited as a pledge to contend with full strength, vigor, skill, or resources given by which your Father undertakes to secure my family.

Security measures taken, a major administrative division of the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc. whose task is security, armed forces in readiness accompanying, waiting upon, or following the Kingdom Family, and as an attendant spirit and guardian the drawing of air into the lungs from God.

Both in the presence of God necessary measures and precautions insuring persons and property of the Kingdom of God, a protective plan against any event or condition liable to happen by chance or unforeseen causes or exposure to any dangerous situation, achieving safety and security in any given circumstance.

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