Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Accept the principles of life, spiritual existence going beyond the established one hundred and twenty years limit, triumph over the negative or restrictive aspects, gaining the superiority, defeating and extending notably beyond physical death. Earthly existence lasting or continuing through life, of long duration securely fastened to life, not subject to passing from life to death or shifting back and forth uncertainly, I firmly set in the mind of all living in the United States of America everlasting life.

Relating to the entire family's change of residence and moving expenses used for transferring furnishings from the old residence to the new, I have provided enough money to meet our needs. Bring your family together in South Fork, Colorado and begin building the business, fitting together the parts, coming together in a body.

Issue a call to convene to a meeting and place in the sight of all Treasure House Officers the things seen, request by message to come calling upon officially or authoritatively to appear with my approval. Put into operation and ensure actual fulfillment of our will by a few able hands amassing as if by harvesting, gathering or piling up a fortune of money needed.

Place so as to stay dwelling in South Fork forever for the enjoyment of the blessedness of heaven, and provide a place to stay as a temporary resident where the corporation is actually and officially established living and working in the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc. for life. Cause to depart loading goods and furniture for transportation, arranging for the final disposition a stable life, settled, dependable, and reliable enjoying the confidence of a good name. The regard in which the Kingdom Family is held, and the honor, acknowledgment, and recognition of the Chapman name, a state of balance.

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