Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Radically different human nature experience a transformation, change caused by the atmosphere with respect to heat, wetness, calm, and clearness. A natural, significant and basic alteration visible in nature and in human affairs, favorable daily life in the United States of America exhibited by temperature, wind velocity, precipitation, and humidity.

Climate-controlled environmental conditions, soil and all living things a pattern of relations between living beings and their environment, the human body continuation of life as foliage changing color.

A modification controlled by the reception of genetic qualities by transmission from Almighty God your Father to my children and the acquisition of a trait from past generation that is a common heritage from nature.

Continuous change, the evolution of genetically related individuals having a kingdom family relationship and a time of vast social change both delivered by sealed writings, the everlasting communion with God in which sin is absent and earthly life without death.

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