Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


The plans and preparations made over the past ten years are measures taken for the well being of others socially and financially, harmonious unified interaction dealing with any matter whatever guiding the operation and performance by the skillful use of money and real property.

In public service to distribute financial support, carry plans into effect, hold property in trust, to manage the affairs of a college and a fund for the maintenance of a corporate body organized to aid those in need.

Appointed to head a department or to carry out the function of an executive in the management of persons and to develop special ability or provide schooling training by practice or exercise to supply, purchase, or sell a thing of importance required by a profession.

To release from and not hinder by burdens, debts, or discomforts distributing free gifts of whatever is needed for any enterprise and supplying with what is necessary as an office and equipment.

Money to do in return for anything useful produced as a result of work, a system of labor and material aids increasing the chances of success by compensating for lack or insufficiency of whatever is needed for an activity earning a livelihood, that any human being obtains what they desire or intend by possessing the proper qualifications and having sufficient ability.

The aptitude to do a particular thing needed, in a state of preparation, answering to requirements, a new use adjusting to a new situation affecting the existence of any individual and influencing the development of their community, placing together people of ability to an essential use for something lacking instituting and carrying forward of a profession or trade by supplying fully what is needed for a business.

Headquarters of the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., affect the existence and development of a single human being, any human being, differing from the established habitual practice of society in general, having obtained the force of law the entire community addicted to the customary treatment of the working force, a practice expected from usage and familiar through long knowledge, habit and practice.

Make a change in the market value of performing physical or manual labor not requiring special skill or training, a fair return in a system of labor equal value in money on the open market, a proper share of the surplus remaining after all necessary deductions.

Guide the medium of exchange produced or obtained as a result of work ealing with particulars of occupations, trade, or professions, the wealth of the United States of America engage in the exchange of materials buying and selling. Businesses benefiting workers in industry, any of the fine arts, in literature, manufacturing and productive interests, commercial enterprises or establishments, adjust the quantity and quality of goods, service, and luxuries that all human beings consume in daily living by money moving around and back to the starting point.

Supervise the branches of operation, Restoration, Recovery, Administration, and Arts and Sciences, workings of the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., the executive branch undertaking as an office the powers of a sovereign political community.

Install the Kingdom Family in new homes and erect a facility from which operations are proposed and planned, giving approval and assistance, working out in detail and enlarging upon a closely reasoned set of operations to be performed. Gathering donations, starting new businesses, providing food, lodging, and equipment for a system of community life, establishing in a permanent occupation and home such a community, all people collectively.

Organized into a legal corporation, fair, impartial, and recognized by legal authorities involving accountability come under the jurisdiction of a central administration. A permanent government at a distance from Washington D.C. within South Fork, Colorado serving as a dissimilarity revealed by contrasting, enhancing the administering of justice.

Afford a favorable financial condition in life to all members of the Kingdom Family, sufficient income for one's needs and the soundness resulting from a newly constituted administration of affairs serving based on the political principle of representation with authority to act and cause a material change by use of an example.

Hand over to Wanda M. Chapman knowledge as power, it's possession and exercise for a land covered by the Kingdom Family system of government, inhabited by the children of God, and invested with a covering of protection directly above. Send with authority to act for others and power to govern, special knowledge and skill devoted to one line of professional work, administrative control as a standard in evaluating future actions concerning management.

Exemplify soundness in reasoning producing desired results, guide by special divine influence meeting opposition with fearlessness, and give a heart producing liveliness and overcoming inertia the position of readiness in the Kingdom Family.

Control the work of a combination of interrelated parts, manage the special duties required, process of doing and method of operating, watching over the Treasure House having charge of directing employees systematically incorporating into one Administrative Operations, the Treasury, and the Office of Personnel.

Manage the business directing by skillful use of means, dealing out in shares and giving out in portions financial support, carry plans into effect, hold property in trust, and manage a fund for the maintenance of an endowed institution, the functions of an executive commissioned to administer God's entire property and possessions.

Fair and impartial in acting, legally acceptable having full worth in money, and according to this set of instructions establish the Administrative Operations Branch, living beings conforming to a predominant standard of polite and civil social behavior managing conditions by determining surroundings or circumstances in the Kingdom Family's immediate control.

Material things relating to the human body absolutely needed or desirable bring into contact with request without need of successfully undergoing testing showing specified qualities or properties, a feeling of trust in the reliability of all persons without an official examination, search, or inquiry.

Affect others by drawing from the good opinion of others, and these rules and principles of treating any human being perform repeatedly appealing to uprightness of character, truthfulness and sincerity based on probability rather than on objective evidence.

Eric W. Chapman's equitable part is that which entertains, raise his spirits, act as a stimulant, arouse strong feelings, and fill with joy, a power representing life. Human qualities, amusement and satisfaction bring about worldly prosperity, the peak of success, and good fortune.

Proceeding from goodheartedness, possess a good and obedient nature full of enthusiasm and cordiality, healthy and strong enjoy abundant material things sustaining the life. Accept with liking a receptive frame of mind easy to approach and speak to typical of a friend, act as a friend showing politeness, compassion, and fineness of thought, taste, and language, freedom from coarseness and vulgarity increase success, divine favor make happy and prosperous, good spirits joyous and lively express by means of a smile.

A permanent combination for the purpose of controlling the production and price of the music business and the management and profits of the entertainment industry, an incorporated institution form to execute trusts and manage money, trusted to suggest a sound expressive of the qualities of Life, Peace, and Love. The sound produce cause a wave of emotion moving to great excitement, a loud and full-sounding collection of persons associated in the music business, and actors and actresses traveling as one theatrical company.

A new executive branch creating music and engaging in artistic work, supplying what is lacking in music prepared and sold commercially, and by original effort conceiving and making for producing musical sounds machines registering other communicable signals raising to a higher quality and market price, increasing the value and profit serving for theatrical use.

Carry to a desired outcome finishing in success the Kingdom Family Flow Chart showing the proportion and relation of distinct pieces of a human machine, a design for the attainment of an undertaking of major importance, a system of community life in which individuals form a family association for their mutual benefit and protection.

Undertake a position of authority in the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., the responsibilities of determining matters having special relevance, executive control in the Restoration & Recovery Branch. An office naturally belonging to Edith M. Chapman fitting together a body of workers for work voluntarily undertaken, organizing a corporation performing functions in Education, Business Opportunities, Elderly Affairs, Community Development, Home and Farm Mortgages, Leases, Relief of Oppressive Devices as Utilities, Debts, and Insurance.

Shift from the usual and eradicate habitual employment educating to a better life, putting an end to using human beings abusively and treating wrongly in professional and public positions. Change for the better daily life, directly referring to any human being constituted to live in society receiving money, food, and clothing from a government because of need, organizing a system of government presenting as a gift intellectual power, practical talent, competence, and skill.

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