Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


I put completely into performance the creation of a preparation for beauty of the complexion done for the sake of appearance. An oily color as a ceremonial practice devoted exclusively to seating Harold L. Chapman for life as the sovereign male ruler of the planet Earth and the whole human species. Control and occupancy of an office proceeding directly from God genetically transmitted from parent to offspring, the heavenly peace of the world is revealed having the inherent features of his Father continuing without replacement in the job and function.

I honor and respect my son with a special protective appreciative and responsive awareness and recognition that accompanies him. Not exposed or subject to attack or question my final doctrine serving as confirming evidence not possible to declare or make invalid or void by recalling or taking back and not capable of being altered or changed.

At a more advanced point out of the reach of ordinary experience and beyond in some future time or state of losing or not receiving the family blessings, personal freedom from violent physical or verbal attack, direct combat with enemy forces, or defeat by any adversary.

Threats or attempts to inflict any physical or mental damage upon his kingdom, encroachment upon given rights or privileges, or any unlawful acts or legal actions for injurious results are regarded by Almighty God as an uninvited hostile act of entering into the sovereign territory of the Kingdom of God. By divine election and ritual anointment the Chapman family I declare have attained the blessedness of heaven and are authorized the title ´┐ŻBlessed.´┐Ż

And I shall execute and deliver to the earth that is the substance of the human body divine assistance for renewal or restoration of the material part of a human. A normal process that enhance the appearance and heighten the attractiveness of all humans for their regeneration, all bound by personal ties of affection to the Chapman family are freed, released, and delivered from a human nature reduced in the creation and appreciation of a pleasing appearance.

Restored to a reddish appearance of the skin with a glow of light from within, without lines, marks, or ridges on the face and neck, I remove all defects and imperfections as wrinkles or sagging skin typical of aging.

Harold and Shirley the door I have opened made you well supplied and endowed, a magnificently impressive ruddy color extending well within the body, highly productive, richly rewarding and profitable, and covered you with oil and natural sugar pleasing to the taste, mind, and feelings, the family fortune.

An abundance of valuable material possessions I have given that you reach a condition of readiness for attention, an abrupt change quickly accomplished doing what is required by my command to change your residence.

Live and carry on life in cultivated circles aware of my concern for your own advantage and well being before an anticipated process of giving birth to a nation by a concurrence of circumstances. Rest and refresh two months, March and April spent away from business in recreation vacating.

Work out the details and plan in advance a holiday refraining from ordinary business to enjoy brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters-in-law coming together again with festivities held in recognition of a family reuniting after separation. A social gathering to greet hospitably and to accept with pleasure the presence of beloved persons, giving pleasure, received with gladness, and entertained in your house.

I declare publicly, insistently, and proudly in writing, ordered by force of law and foreordaining will, that the human race's actual life in and on the earth last and continue forevermore as a life-giving royal lineage likened to a family relationship with everlasting life, your Father, Almighty God. Honorable emergence of a new individual from the body recognized visibly in humankind as the same ancestral line, the origin and the history of the human race.

I guard and watch over to shield from exposure, injury, damage, or destruction, protecting and defending the physical universe with flawless weather conditions and the principles of life.

Beginning with the United States of America covered by the eyes of the Lord, its people aware of the factuality of my absolute power convinced and certain with familiarity gained through the body of truth, information and principles that lead toward a healthy, happy, prosperous, and everlasting life.

Guided through every step be on your way with quick easy grace and keen sensitivity, a perfected creation restored and healed, untouched by disease or aesthetic flaws, a complex unity of completeness and perfection to which nothing can be added.

Copyright (C) Kingdom Family Ministries - November 1998.