Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


My family sincerely and deeply loved, carry out successfully a contribution to the well being of others over a period of time, in stages, a thing of social importance engaged in full time performance of any of the business functions or operations.

Children of Peace, precious people of the United States of America, begin or continue a planned undertaking or a particular field of endeavor, set about a pursuit as your continuing or enduring calling and arrive at as a destination a self-indulgence style of living.

Begin with the selection of a particular kind of business or service holding the same name as the title of a work presented to the public, learning in schools training by formal instruction and supervised practice. A method prepared and used for raising the natural endowments of a person, useful and valued, grown and harvested for profit or subsistence, produced by breaking into pieces earthly life with the fate or outcome decided.

Make advances setting out on a new course to lift and reset in another position in life. Conditions and circumstances turning from a lack of producing or bearing fruit in great quantities, to its opposite yielding results, benefits, or profit, sustaining abundant growth, and affording abundant possibilities.

A new growth from recently planted seeds in cultivable soil, the human body introduced into a selected environment, covered over completely to emerge after attaining the basic structural plan of its business. Still to appear and existing within the body, a person full of the capacity developing into a new individual.

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