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Fathers, the physical power of life gives line of descent to a male or female descendant. An infant in the first period of life and its subsequent growth and development from a starting point lacking knowledge and slow of mind resulting in unreasoned thinking or acting, to an intermediate point that depends upon the capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge.

A similarity in characteristic appearance from the forehead to the chin and the assumption of behavior observed gives rise to a reproduction from ancestor to descendant through the genes of a more recent human race. An exact likeness and outward appearance to fix the determination of paternity, a father's own image a feature seen and perceived outwardly.

Requiring techniques gained through experience and linked in memory with one's own father, designed, trained, or fitted for long and intensive preparation of an adult male for the function of sustaining and supplying the necessaries of life to his young. A child, conceived of as the seat of intimate feelings, in the security and intimacy of being hugged to the bosom of a father, carefully guarded with love, seeking and enjoying the companionship existing among a family. Without worry or care attached by tender affection regarded highly and prized accordingly, reliant on the strength of a father being unswerving in allegiance to his child.

Not yet weaned nurtured as if by giving milk from the breast of a nursing father providing as nourishment early schooling at home, suffering the physical pain of injuries involving accidents, encouraging to continue early successes, and urging to go to college in the early years.

Advice to avoid rash actions serving as an alarm to prevent harm, minimize risk, and warn of the consequences. Training that corrects and brings to termination the period of immaturity through schooling at home and training by formal instruction, a father's difficult work.

Existing as an outward expression of life a principle at my power and authority to make use of as I choose giving life to a body and bringing into existence to carry on the activities of life. An individual of importance having no material body or form conceivable as existing in an unborn phase of earthly existence, enters and possesses members of the female sex and bring forth the emergence of a new human being.

A developing unborn child carried within the mother's body in its process of appearing, arising as the material part of a human being capable of reproduction and having independent existence.

A physical material body, not spiritual or immaterial, relating to practical or everyday concerns or activities with the surrounding social and cultural conditions influencing the way or manner of living. All mothers affect or alter by indirect means the response of their child to its environment by responding to or expressing the softer emotion, cherishing with great affection, thoughtful and sympathetic regard full of concern, and meticulously careful to treat with unconditional tenderness as related through a female parent.

A newborn brought forth as if by birth present from birth is a person having returned to or newly adopted an occupation or profession, convinced of error and compelled to admit the truth, in pursuit of a special competence in performing or executing activities relating to human society.

A natural talent to develop in a field or activity as a way of life or worldly fate, the expected result effective in the future by obtaining knowledge in an institution of higher learning. Anyone at all that actively contributes to the bodily system originating in the mind is a recently born person, children of the kingdom not yet of age.

Harold L. Chapman, take up a position of high social standing, a showing of merited respect and formal acknowledgment of the existence of a nation under God. In the eyes of people become progressively greater, more numerous, richer, progressing toward the greatest monetary worth attainable or attained.

Succeed to and occupy the throne of life released from limits, being, living, or going alone or without companions, beginning in the mountains of Colorado go upward with continuous progress. Royal authority over the Kingdom of God exercising power befitting a sovereign having undisputed governing and controlling influence, superior to all others the Eternal Kingship in which God's will is fulfilled

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