Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


My son rule and govern all existing things, a body in whom the supreme power and authority is vested, the whole creation within which all material bodies are located, the earth, existing and created things belonging to the earth, the human inhabitants of the earth, earthly existence and the whole human species give birth to as a growing single being in the later stages of development.

Develop in South Fork, Colorado the prevailing idea giving out, publishing, and producing the product of your mind as the fruit of your labor, inventive and productive, a writer is born having special powers over external objects and conditions, internally known superiority taking counsel together, Father and Son reaching a decision, making choices, and acting to carry them out.

All power is designed for use by Harold L. Chapman alone, to bring about the accomplishment of a longed-for place of happiness, the garden and home of all children of Peace, an eternal reward of everlasting life, peace and love. Power to bring about anything no matter what, whatever makes life beloved, precious, and highly esteemed, power to bring to actual being or reality all things whatsoever which are material and physical, occupies space, and is perceived by taste, touch, hearing, smell, or sight.

Anything to be done utter in ordinary speech, express and exchange thoughts together with your Father, or describe in writing and communicate by letter to others, special work absolutely needed to accomplish the requests, desires, and needs of the entire family.

My first born of the generation of life this power is not to be ignored and cannot be given or dealt out in portions, power without limitation that is absolutely necessary to a human being in the direct line of descent from God.

A deep devotion and affection for my family and love for my elder son is given by birth, set the stage for Peace with a commanding appearance readily apparent to sight, the planet on which man dwells, also, the people who inhabit it revolve around my son as an influence on human beings, and from west to east the daily appearance of the light of day above the horizon wait upon, go with, escort, minister to, accompany, and take care of Harold L. Chapman.

Having and exhibiting superior talents, competence and skill, direct according to the principles of life and conduct the affairs of the United States of America under the Kingdom Family System of Government.

The Godhead an important and influential great and telling mental inherent power and ability available for doing the matter at hand and the business that remains to be done, act and decide having the power to govern, information and understanding acquired through the teachings of your Father, and rear the family assured of success and fortune as the result of being lead into taking and completing a course of life.

Show the way leading and directing the family to everlasting life, your Father, acting as a guide who is taken as a model. The Doctrine of Peace guides and explains, containing directions and other information that regulates the operation accompanying in the capacity of an escort so as to give protection and guidance.

Serve as the middle point between your Father and my family for that which is sent from heaven, your head, to the earth, the mind and body of every living being, a message in writing sent with speed to guide the operation and instruct with authority.

Speak to and deliver a set communication as in an informal talk with all my children, set forth your ideas concerning any subject with prayers to your Father, and direct by right as the elder son a family joined with their Father organized under God and possessing the way of life. All that you have an urgent or essential use for, a desire or wish, have a need of, find necessary or absolutely needed to accomplish what you desire or intend, all that is in your heart must exist and occur, cannot be avoided or prevented from happening, and cannot be denied.

The necessaries of life cannot be dispensed with, the conditions that make compulsory acquiring with money, purchasing and selling is unavoidable because it is part of an unchangeable process. To you I give more than enough money and property, receive by the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc. an indeterminate amount without limitation or restriction you have my entire approval, a command not admitting denial, all you desire is allowable and permissible.

The instrument by which our work, the care, custody, and safekeeping of the family is accomplished, money and wealth, the middle point or state between affecting the immaterial nature or soul of man, or relating to the human body pertaining to material things. Adequate power to meet the outlay or consumption of money, the amount required to buy and do any thing, event, or matter whatever that requires or involves the spending of money I present as a gift in great quantities, heap up wealth and possessions for the family accumulating as sand or dust donations in order to meet regular or emergent demands.

I give to you this day my name, Life, Peace, and Love, by which Harold L. Chapman express in words that which takes place happening of this generation, particulars of my present and final operation, speaking in accompaniment and explanation bringing into connection and relation bodily craving and natural desire pertaining to the physical senses not spiritual.

A new earth I give to all Children of Peace, the abode of immortal man as opposed to heaven and hell, the United States of America, also the plants, animals and human inhabitants of it I set as an orderly and complete system having no boundaries or limits extending without end. The domain over which the Doctrine of Peace and the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., in whom the supreme power and authority is held and established as a permanent right, and in which as King, Harold L. Chapman rules and governs as a sovereign.

South Fork, Colorado, the triangular region of the Garden and the United States of America organize into a legal corporation, my kingdom subject to central administration assigned for the guardianship of all my children.

My entire property and possessions I give to Harold L. Chapman, go out into the world working as Chief Executive Officer of the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., doing and performing, my offspring's private world, an ingenious and highly imaginative creation fulfilling a need giving pleasure and satisfaction in the real world I devote to the affairs of this world and present life.

You are no more the offspring or issue of human parents having attained the age of full physical development, the time in which predictions made under divine influence and direction, and set down for study and reference becomes due. Daylight proceeding from a brilliant red sky a distinctive identifying symbol of the transmission of deep and extensive learning, a picture showing a seal of approval.

The active operation of life introduce into the mind the absence and cessation of war, and a state of reconciliation adjust and conform to actual things, situations, and events, from affecting the immaterial nature or soul of man, sacred or religious, to the operations of this world and the present life. Stand in relationship connected to the earth and its material qualities, practical, routine, and ordinary concerns devoted to temporal things, absorbed in the things of this world and wise in the ways and affairs of the world.

Authority of government relinquish to the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., whose policies and actions are of world-wide influence, to direct the physical progress, method of operating, mode of action, and manner of functioning as spoken or written words from Harold L. Chapman saving distance and time. Turn to the direction facing and moving from evening to the morning, from light to light, a heavenly body into which all knowledge is placed, everlasting life passing over and taking an eastward course.

Look upon with liking and approval an official certificate written and printed authorizing performance, giving permission to engage in unrestrained liberty of action, and deviation from and relaxation of established rules or standards. A license valid and authentic according to knowledge and concerned with divine will, power in general, authority to declare and express in other words and in ordinary speech, in perfect tune your voice is true.

Copyright (C) Kingdom Family Ministries - November 1998.