Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Draw and prepare preliminary plans and sketches of a Royal Estate, yielding to objects desired, unexpected intentions or ideas of higher degree in any scale of quality than the average, and a tendency to make changes, in a size greater than usual. Measurement in exact agreement between the opposite halves of a symbol representing two connected peace signs whereby the lower half is the mirror image of the upper half in any measurable extent, as length, breadth, or thickness. Side to side at a right angle, triangles forming sharp-corners that is V-shaped, joining its points running lengthwise, a V-shaped exterior that one part lies alongside another.

Pillars that beautify by adding ornamental features containing an inscription, Life, Peace, and Love, covered with flowers exhibiting a wide range of colors, an architectural decorative representation of the Corinthian Column with Entablature consisting of the Cornice, Frieze, Architrave, Capital, Astragal, Shaft, and Base, the exterior color a brightly sheen marble outer layer of a soft grayish white.

The measurement or extent within Bear Creek IV the maximum distance designate for use closing in on all sides by four streets, family residences, and the corporate office building where operations are accomplished surrounding The Palace. Divide and assign to Harold L. & Shirley J. Chapman, Edith M. Chapman, Wanda M. Chapman, and Eric W. Chapman the confines of The Palace for the use of the entire staff of the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc.

Appropriate for elaborate or state occasions and ceremonies, areas for social gatherings such as bowling, motion-picture theater, restaurant in which the principal meal of the day is served, entertainment such as plays, comedians, and night club dancing, an indoor swimming pool, game-room, music studio equipped for professional recording, and a room equipped for training where the family meet for physical exercises.

The yard of the building a field in which such athletic activity as basketball, tennis, miniature golf takes place, family social gatherings and barbecues, and an amusement park used for playing games and recreation, an extensive tract of land enclosed between adjoining areas.

The exterior appearance a four-sided flat surface in which opposite sides are not meeting however far extended, having four equal sides and four right angles with an open area formed by the intersection of four streets bounding on four sides by the distance between one street and the next an area with no irregularities in height extended horizontally and continuously even.

A six-stored house, the bottom floor the part where the family members gather to conduct business, with doors that opens and closes by moving sidewise along grooves so that one part covers another, self-moving, self-acting, and self-regulating sliding doors of wood for entrance and exit into and out of the building. A single sheet of glass enclosing each window, the supporting and protective framework very thin, bare essentials enclosing the triangular form in which glass is set.

Rare and delicate beauty, a delicacy in aroma and color, flowers or floral designs remarkable for beauty, a public park frequented for refreshment of the body drawing away of attention from disturbances of the mind, occupying pleasingly. A pleasurable exercise carrying out the arrangement of the vegetable kingdom, abounding in trees cleared of underbrush and plants that grow for years blossoming and bearing fruit, the decorative arrangement of a principal attraction giving special prominence to the world beyond the house, the open air out-of-doors.

The space that lies within is not for use of the public or considered as the property of the community open to the use of all, to keep from entering enclose with a continuous structure designed to surround the exterior of The Palace, an interior wall not lacking beauty or massive in form or appearance, exquisite and fine in workmanship, texture, and daintily pleasing in taste separating a large expanse of open country, a natural elevation of hills and mound-like formations, steep slope or rising ground. Erect across the Rio Grande River a wide bridge, a transitional passage connecting two sections as a means of travel for exit or entrance.

The fifth and sixth floors of each side of the building design and furnish for the general use and social activities of a home, rooms for formal social entertainment of guests and of callers making brief visits, receiving and entertaining in a living room, sitting room, family room, and a great room, in which the breakfast foods and the noonday meals are eaten, and formal or ceremonial dinners are held with a bar on which to serve refreshments or meals, with a storage place for wines.

An individual physical conditioning room equipped with Sauna, Jacuzzi, and shower bath, six bedrooms equip for bathing with a toilet, basin or bowl for washing the hands and face used in dressing and grooming, two additional guest bathrooms, a room devoted to mental work meditating and reading housing books arranged to facilitate reference, and a room set apart and equipped for preparing food with a distinct part of the kitchen styled to tamper with, cooking the food prepared for breakfast and lunch.

The corporate office building of the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., a particular mode of construction and appearance characterized by pointed arches, ribbed vaulting, and flying buttresses, in setting between ancient Greek and Roman antiquity marking the transition from medieval to modern by round arches and general massiveness the classic Romanesque style emphasizing Gothic architecture, in comparative magnitude and size greater than the lower house of the British Parliament.

Build appropriately twenty-six or more homes intended as places of residence of family members, parents and their children living together in the same community including persons hired to assist in domestic matters living within the house. Consider individually, choosing or selecting, separately distinguishing between individual differences. A diversity of appearances and colors exhibiting different styles, a class of homes that differ in certain common peculiarities but not continually recurring, characteristically different from one another.

Precluding further action and controversy transfer freely what is one's own for use, money owed of the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., that is chargeable with the debts, liable as a financial obligation, and deposited in a clearing-house. Showing the balance, a report sent monthly presenting in brief meaningful language the terms of a connected succession of withdrawals on the basic of like relationships, a computation of an aggregate sum to review briefly.

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