Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Wholly finish the operation of God receiving with favor an answer that may be directly affirmed laying hold and grasping a descriptive name of Peace, faithful to reality, existing in fact, and representing the true and actual.

In existence and action now, a governing influence among human beings making them approach each other and preventing their separating, share equally a place for development and refinement. A special grace of full natural height of a human body, a garden restored to peace, honor and credit, heightening the interest, making less difficult, and smoothing one’s path.

Dismissing from employment, relieving of what one owes, paying debts, meeting and satisfying obligations, and freeing from information preserved and handed down of debts to be paid, deliverance from the condition of owing by the working class.

Harold L. Chapman, a man of his words conveying the meaning by performance, restating what is said of God affecting the immaterial nature or soul of man changing into a form pertaining to the mind or intellect, relating to the human body and concern with things physical.

A purpose valid and true beyond all time maintaining conditions favoring optimum growth and development, a single portion of time consisting of only the present adhering to promise. A place of abiding lasting forever in a building intended as a dwelling for human beings, the residence of the Kingdom Family. Emerge from the reproductive body all the young of the same Father, recover and revive, change and turn forward in time out from seclusion, confinement, and inaction away from a place of origin all at the same time, occurring, doing, and existing without delay or lapse of time.

Free all the way from the condition of owing, provide and hand over the amount of debt any family member is legally obligated to pay, an institution for issuing money through a clearing-house over and above funds spent to cover incidental costs.

Working and acting properly and satisfactorily freeing wholly from any unpleasant disorder keeping from doing and achieving hopes and desires. Subject and subservient to the God connected to, depending upon and serving to introduce the Father, giving and furnishing aid, helping and supporting. The Kingdom Family Treasure House set to watch over, offer good security, and serve the family bringing into relief and prominence.

Serving as a medium of exchange funding over again in a different way, issuing new freedom from poverty, a gift for returning to one God and Father. Freedom from exposure to a chance of encountering lost in business and threatening misfortune conferring safety, providing funds, and guaranteeing financial worth.

Set free, disentangle and release from bearing heavy burdens difficult to cope with, testing severely, hard to endure and full of troubling times, lacking ease, assurance, and security causing discomfort showing embarrassment or constraint. Constantly seek change and satisfy expectations and hopes the common comforts of life, suffering no lack of money or anything bought and sold for use or profit, a way of life increasing all that pleases and gratifies, a special grace.

Be free, human rights pointing out, making known, and directing attention to the Family of God, independent and self-governing devoid of financial difficulties standing in the way difficult to overcome. Liberate from uneasiness in the mind and deliver from owing anything keeping the Children of God from doing or achieving purpose and fulfilling plans.

Free, clear, and excused move about freely in self-assurance, graceful and dignified calmness, owners of land paying debts, meeting and satisfying obligations, and setting aside legal force, a load that weights heavily. A formal judicial declared right, the owner of lands having the just possession of his property purchased by the Kingdom Family Treasure House.

An order transferring money for a place of residence for all members of the Kingdom Family, lands and property, a family dwelling together in happy homes, an extended area of land together with all attached as water, forests, and buildings forming a single property.

Give all that the Kingdom Family is obligated by contract to present submitting for payment a price conforming to a right or just claim ending uncertainty, dispute, and questions declaring openly as fact the obligation to pay all family debts.

Dealing with money confidence in the ability of a partnership conducting business fulfilling financial obligations, a reputation for commercial integrity justly and legally responsible. Professional service, arrangement and coordination of a narrative account for private possessions, payment made by a company in the business of providing protection and increasing the chances of success.

A favorable position having personal liberty granting forgiveness from some obligations to which others are subject, exemption pertaining to community life, exercising uprightness in principles, conduct, and correctness of judgment.

A starting point for family members, a listing of charges for goods delivered or services rendered directing the payment of money to VISA adjusting balances transferring to another in return for the equivalent in goods.

The system of recording, classifying, and summarizing commercial transactions and the amount to be paid is settling a claim of a business firm settling debts and discharging obligations in regards to amounts.

The amount obtained for goods on the open market of property as opposed to interest, acting as an agent liable as the head of the Family of God, all people of the United States of America acquiring by paying a record of monetary transactions.

A purchaser giving what is due making full payment for a purchase or service handing over a written promise by the Kingdom Family Treasure House to pay another party a certain sum of money payable on demand serving as currency, a written order for the payment of a given sum to a designated person disbursing money for a desirable practical purpose supplying the natural needs of mankind.

Choose a single action adopting measures undertaking in advance a contract guaranteeing protection avoiding a possible laying open to the influence of a scrutinizing view, an official examination characterizing by retrospection, or a critical study accusing by formal articles or commentary expressing a critical judgment. The amount spent draining resources, funds assign to cover the business of writing and publicizing advertisements and expenses of a lawsuit in court, money loss making doing business complex, difficult, and perplexing.

Lessen the urgent demands on one’s time and strength, special attention, consequence, and mental strain by knowing facts making clear, explaining, and solving a problem changing to a perfectly developed state. A simpler form ending and concluding conditions lacking adequate effectiveness or a complete absence of an orderly and harmonious relation of parts.

Giving protection of secrecy, a contract to carry through to completion, a guarantee of a proper and working condition, and research into the most comprehensive principles beyond human knowledge. An investigation agreeing with rules and principles, knowledge of facts, phenomena, laws, and proximate causes, gaining and verifying by exact observation, organized experiment, and orderly thinking.

An orderly presentation of facts, reasoning, expertness, and skill, an accurate, systematic and exact business of building that which is difficult to do, overcome, and understand or dangerous to deal with.

Acting in behalf assisting manufacturing and productive interests pertaining to home and family, furnishing with a protective shield the construction, operation, and design of machinery or tools operated or produced by the Kingdom Family’s operating principles, exclusive characteristics and behavior under all conditions with reference to technical and industrial applications, freeing from fear and apprehension, so solidly and well-made rendering failure impossible.

Take precautions contracting professional services transferring knowledge in return for the equivalent in money, a commercial enterprise creating, working up, and developing a method of operation, tangible results of industrial efforts, an unyielding conclusion held with confidence obtained by reasoning.

Creating by original effort mechanical, electrical, and other devices, goods bearing an approval for use that prove what is stated, a resort to higher power acting for a corporation stating the condition of goods.

A written assurance given by Harold L. Chapman to all people that anything produced or obtained as a result of the operation of the Son of God will perform an act stated in full terms plainly expressed and specified in a contract and plan, the owner of a firm paying the Kingdom Family Treasure House an assessment of one tenth of the yearly proceeds arising from the personal industry at intervals of three months in a formal written communication.

Regularly obtaining the services of a single person for payment giving support and profit provides sufficient means for an individual to become secure, an agreement between two persons for professional services. The help given a system of physical and manual work done for hire affecting equally the district or area in which they live granting the opportunity and vital employment for the accomplishment of a purpose, providing work and livelihood.

Dividing into equitable parts enjoying in common partaking equally in any course of action distributing among those using an article or service giving money for a purchase or service rendered to the member of his community.

An equitable part dividing the community’s employment hiring or contracting for professional assistance a definite single piece of work done for a set fee. Skill and expertness in a trade calling for manual skill conducting a business and providing means of supporting or maintaining existence for a human being.

Trained and skilled workers performing physical or manual work for hire receiving a definite sum for a certain amount of professional services, a business of people following a particular calling producing financial gain.

The Kingdom Family Treasure House providing with what is appropriate to a condition peculiar to a person mention specifically designating a single case. Supplying the tools and equipment needed for any particular undertaking, helping and suggesting, acting at the moment requested, immediately available doing with cheerful willingness and promptness taking place when desired, transferring by gift lenient and friendly opportunity.

Harold L. Chapman is deserving of esteem and respect and worthy of honor being in a higher place, powers given, said, and named in a great circle of light in the apparent outer dome of the heavens that is exactly overhead.



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