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Doctrine of Peace


Any active power or operation by or through which an individual receives impressions of the external world accompanied by feeling, give the sensation indicating heat more than is usual in degree, warmth supplied as compared with a normal body temperature being over and above what is expected for the human body.

Pertaining to, concerning, including, and affecting each individual person, excepting none, regain and return to sound health by the power of a loving Father, an endless continuance peculiar to all children of Life, freedom from acquiring or becoming affected with disease by exemption from the set of injunctions given by God to Moses on Mount Sinai, a penalty pronounced upon the first human race finding guilty after a trial of faith decreed and enforced by law.

Set free, liberated, and delivered all people of the United States of America has unobstructed passage to everlasting life, unimpeded exemption and immunity by virtue of membership in the Kingdom Family.

Our Father, discontinue as one’s own actions and cease to acknowledge as proper permitting or allowing by formal authorization or consent the principle of being fruitful put into effect by that which naturally follows the activity or phenomena of life concerned with sexual desire. Sexual gratification resulting in being pregnant put an end or stop to by holding or keeping within limits that which is discharged from inflamed tissues.

Be the cause of and grant a child of either sex to a good family who has attained the age of mature life fully-grown in the process of increasing based on evidence that can be supported, having means sufficient, firmly fixed in devotion to that which one is morally bound to do, steady in affection, unchanging, conferring safety, and not likely to cause or do harm or injury. Adults that may be relied upon to sustain the life and promote the growth, provide with means of subsistence, and to bring up a child caring for and bringing to maturity keeping alive hopes, holding dear, and treating with tenderness.

Come to an end pregnancy happening or developing not expected or unforeseen, before a paternal and maternal relationship, or occurring at a time having no proper qualifications or sufficient ability, a complete stop suddenly maintained to guard against an illegitimate child and abandoned children.

Our Father, not favored by conventional social standards and not morally right, proper, or just is having to desire or longing for sex by persons of the same sex, command the mind of each homosexual individual to set right this wrong by counteracting and removing an injustice conceived in the womb before it has assumed its body.

The celestial bodies within the Earth’s orbit and the planet second in order from the sun come into view rising in the east and restore a strong sexual passion for the opposite sex and the gratification of it which is beautiful a woman joined to a man, a special grace exerting an attractive influence not capable of being resisted.

The Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc. is ready for business, place in office positions held by all appointed to any of the various operations and the names chosen as persons of distinctive qualities. Purchase a portion of space specially suited for a temporary Headquarters, Branch Office, and Business School representing the Triangular Regions of the Garden of South Fork.

The overall appearance heighten or increase in beauty with raised bordering that serves to define the edge of the triangular area shutting within the elevations and unevenness of land a symbol representing two connected peace signs whereby the lower half is the mirror image of the upper half in any measurable extent, as length, breadth, or thickness. Side to side at a right angle, triangles forming sharp-corners that is V-shaped joining its points running lengthwise. A V-shaped exterior that one part lies alongside another, an outline changing the face of a level or low land between mountains with hills and high lands and a stream flowing through a ravine cut in the earth.

A tract of low-lying ground leveling out an artificial elevation or mound-like formations, and long in proportion to its width a stream of moving water intermediate in size between a brook and a river enclose into a bay-like depression or indentation situated below the surface of the ground, hollow and curving inward as the interior of a sphere or bowl, the shape rendered by a mold in the contour of the land and layers of stones in the bed of the artificial waterway charting the course but the form that gives that particular shape is not exposed to view.

Supply the land with water as by means of a sprinkling system to revitalize or refresh by watering adding fill for the cultivation of flowers and plants improving and changing the features and appearance of a public resort, a work of art produced by one whose profession is to plan the decorative arrangement of outdoor features, as shown by rock formations in Bear Creek IV an optical replica of a scene reproduced by spreading and alternating layers of earth and sand.

A path and track to proceed or pass along on foot at the base of the hills for exercise and amusement, streets through which the public has unobstructed passage in traveling from the Branch Office to the Headquarters Building, and a trail left by footprints leading from a place of customary entry and exit.

A place to cease from effort or activity for a time stopping in the main building on the estate for amusement and social entertainment, extending along an inner wall a long, narrow enclosed areas as a hall in which paintings are displayed, a passageway having rooms opening upon it in the South Fork Branch Office. A corridor affording a means of entering to recline in relaxed idleness passing time in doing nothing, with couches and sofas suitable for a lounging pace maintaining for the public a large room for entertainment.

Our Father, supply with the money necessary and furnish with the land needed providing work and livelihood, positions of employment yielding a salary and donations meeting financial obligations.

Harold L. Chapman

Chief Executive Officer

Money is power equivalent in effect or importance with my word, Father and Son using different currencies and I guarantee both what is said or what is required by the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc. performing or giving as due what is appointed or expected to arrive within the month the work to be done is announced publicly in the Doctrine of Peace.



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