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Doctrine of Peace


Receive with happiness and great pleasure the reconciliation between God and man, a message sent to all that know God set apart for worship or prayer, obedience and good works, feeling and manifesting the beliefs, attitudes, emotions, and behavior constituting man’s relationship with the essential nature of Our Father, a body of doctrines as set forth by a church or religious group.

Monasteries or their inhabitants leading a very self-denying life for religious purposes having taken vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, women belonging to a religious order and living in a convent, ordained ministers relating to or derived from Christ or his doctrine, Anglican, Greek, and Roman Catholic churches, governing or counseling officers in a building of worship having a common faith and discipline, be and remain alive. In peace prolonged in time all are granted everlasting life, the immaterial nature or soul of man and the entire physical part of a human being put in possession of life unending for and beyond all time.

Deliverance from sin and penalty, saved from acceptance of the actuality of anything without indisputable proof, conformity to reality, and the outward indication of the existence, things of God, Scriptures, other religious writings, the Doctrine of Peace, or the past operation in heaven where angels, the disembodied spirit of one who has died, receive their eternal reward far from life in the body on the planet on which men, women, and children dwell.

By the regenerated and renewed word you are translated from a state of confusion to the pure language of Peace, the way of life on and to the side of obedience. Allow to go all fears doing away with hurting physically, Our Father has changed from a system of penalties imposed for transgression of law and any ill suffered to a system of gifts for merit, service, and achievement, let the Children of God go, this open gate admits to the Garden of Life, Peace, and Love.

Our Father, cause the visual appearance of the animating power of God in the body of a human being to be seen, the spirit or soul imparting life and making alive directly observable as one’s physical condition as presented to the mind and any influence of this for good to touch as a part of the body the mental and emotional awareness of external and internal bodily changes.

The inner nature or real character of every living thing in agreement, similar in character or function in the body of all living beings polite and civil social behavior put into practice as dictated by the Doctrine of Peace. The transference to outward expression accompanied by bodily reactions mentally performed or done in the United States of America affecting the masses at the same time and exciting similar feelings in others, feelings of peace and love spreading and catching like wildfire very hard to put out.


Extinguish by pouring down rain on any destructive burning and discontinue the burning of the solid exposed surface of the earth in the United States of America, ground for the grazing of domestic animals providing pasturage or any tract of ground whatever covered with a growth of trees and underbrush, also the trees themselves of or located in a forest or woods typical of or appropriate to simple country life.

Our Father, move forward continuous uninterrupted existence the endless time that comes next, human beings united by bonds of love claiming one God and Father of all and having the name of Peace entitling them to the royal identifying symbol officially registered in the sky above the United States of America giving evidence of the abode of God.

I change the arrangement of the celestial bodies revolving around the sun and shinning only by reflected light ceasing earthquakes, volcanic disturbances produced by earthquakes, large and destructive wave caused by a submarine earthquake, and any great incoming rise of waters along a shore caused by windstorms at sea or by excessively high tides.

Our Father, any animal that has been created as distinguished from man relating to bodily desire for food or drink seizing and carrying off any object that any human being may lawfully acquire and hold as domestic farm animals or pulling fish out of the water act upon with sudden and powerful initial stage of illness causing inactivity making extinct by disease or by coming to land.

I decline to permit as just, right, or reasonable affording possibility or opportunity for the body of any human being to be killed, injured, or subjected to suffering, seized and devoured as living prey. Likewise, any reptiles including the snakes, crocodiles, alligators, lizards, and turtles lying flat crawling on the belly, any destructive and injurious rodent, and any insect as ants, spiders, centipedes, ticks, mosquitoes, roaches, or the common housefly, I bring about the extinction destroying utterly.

Our Father, by normal discharge remove from the system of life the condition of being fat, very fat, somewhat fat, or chubby. Substances widely distributed in plant and animal tissues separate into constituent parts, counteract or destroy the force, influence, effect, and declare the United States of America as not taking part of an excess accumulation of fat in the body.

Eat and drink all needful or desirable for the maintenance of life anything suggestive of food, the unnecessary amount consumed sustain the life and promote the processes by which food is converted into full physical development.

Our Father, turn from the way of death and bring the earth’s move in an orbit spinning around as on its axis alternating in Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter to a halt. Prevent the doing, refuse to grant as valid or binding, deny as a petition and abandon your covenant of four seasons with Noah declaring to be invalid as a doctrine.

The season of the year occurring between summer and winter change and adapt as determined by the season in which vegetation starts anew occurring between winter and summer, increasing different from the average, occurring at unequal intervals, not according to established rule, and not conforming to the usual pattern. The coldest season of the year occurring between autumn and spring and marked by a lack of life, go beyond the powers and put a stop to the activity of death.

Attach permanently and solidly to the head and follow closely without actions and beliefs that differ considerably from the standards of good society, a uniting power resulting from wealth affecting others merged into one who is in command. A leader who has not adopted Christianity, Judaism, or Islam holding possession and title to the hereditary rights of a united people, continuously flowing writings from which everlasting life is obtained. Harold L. Chapman has arrived at full physical stature and has achieved perfect life, increase without end always exceeding any other in worth in money. Observe as a festival with rejoicing and praise in the highest terms by publicly celebrating a holiday on the part of a lover of humanity.



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