Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


A gradual increase of knowledge comes to in time, arrives at with effort, and succeeds in reaching the full natural summit of a human body, the crown of the head being the peak of your career. A highly developed power of the mind to grasp that which is conceived, a growing individual unborn carried within the place where a successful person is engendered and brought into life full of meaning, teeming with ideas, and bearing changes relating to the human body.

The skill or imaginative resources needed for originality of thought and execution brought forth by reflecting upon as in a mirror wonderful or amazing things which are of surpassing merit or excellence, the sight of yourself highly esteemed having an active and discerning mind, a mature thinker who has attained the age of full physical development.

Set out as traveling from inadequacy to existing in plentiful supply, invest money or involve yourself in a venture, obtain admission to any institution devoted primarily to developing certain skills or talents, begin any enterprise or project, enroll in a prescribed curriculum of studies leading to a degree or any unit of study in a school curriculum, in progress or into operation impatiently desirous of an academic title, the furthest or utmost limits of potential capacity beyond which you cannot proceed.

The confines of a specified area to which people are made ready for business, stretching their fixed payment for professional services as distinguished from menial labor to the full limit of their efforts and ability by intellectual comprehension of superior knowledge or skill mastering a craft or technique, access to the total degree of personal excellence within the limits of a field of activity.

Perform the duties paying money, goods, and services in return for bringing back mutual feelings between God and the whole human species, spiritual and earthly bodies approaching each other and preventing their separating with fond attachment and kind feelings valued greatly after estrangement.

Corresponding in every detail being due and proper, discharge as a command the ceremony granting a certificate of Kingdom Family Ministries, the school known for a long time, familiar through long acquaintance, skilled through long experience, and belonging to times long past. Of ancient times and of great age instructions in obedience and the profession of good will, principles to form a society and civilization and knowledge taught as doctrine testifying that Harold L. Chapman has completed a course of life.

The Doctrine of Peace declaring and proclaiming by ceremonious observance consecrated his life to making accessible to all, removing the veil and revealing to all the gift of everlasting life with an appeal to God to confirm, my own assurance and guarantee bearing witness and certifying by signature.

His word and life truth that cannot be caused to fail or come to naught, good intentions described in writing and communicated by letter stating that the reconciliation between God and man actually exists and has occurred, asserted to be true and to have happened.

Furnished with and attested by a certificate conferring glory to the Kingdom Family, perform the ceremony publicly as said of God, a day of rest, exemption and immunity.

Observe carefully, examine in detail, inquire into and question formally, agreeing with the rules, principles, or methods of science, the depositing of moisture from the atmosphere, the amount of rain or snow, or any powerful or destructive winds pertaining to the United States of America as distinguished from all other nations. In reference to their characteristic weather indicating the differences between the unclouded clear sky-blue seen during the period of light in the morning and a bright red color in the later part of the day, a light mist in the air somewhat wet or slightly damp, and fine drops of water at the earth’s surface covering, saturating, and refreshing as dew.

Any storm accompanied by rain falling from the clouds, dark heavy mass of clouds highly charge with electricity, dense white cloud formations seen in fair weather, local storms, tornados, tropical cyclones, or hurricanes, any other meteorological phenomena or weather not good in any manner or degree I keep under control holding back from proceeding or advancing. Put down and suppressed by force, as a license that has lapsed nonexistent and producing no effect in any sovereign territory, regarded as unsuitable, inappropriate, improper, and the wrong way to do it, pronounced and declared to be unfit for use.

Preceding all others in time, order, or importance all people of the United States of America, a nation of family stock, is borne belonging to life and chosen to remain on the earth and in the body, I am your Father.

I placed a covering over and upon the Kingdom Family to shield or defend from being set upon violently, assailing with hostile words judging severely, and from expressions of disapproval, blame, or adverse criticism attacking and assaulting. An initial stage to keep from sight, discovery, or knowledge, kept separate or hidden from view without distinction or fame and not attracting attention to themselves, gloomy, cheerless, and dishearten.

Unreasonably fixed in their purpose, a dark or gloomy place not clearly recognized, covered over, and located far from feelings of joy, pleasure, and ease of mind, separated and apart for ten years slightly related or connected in kinship or family relationship but not a brother or sister, unexplained, puzzling, secluded and close-mouthed, my family undiscovered and unknown to prepare for use.

At this point in the proceedings all persons, unknown or unnamed, understand and see that with majesty and power I anoint Harold L. and Shirley J. Chapman with the oil of gladness and material well-being to sit and rule upon my throne applying attention and time unreservedly to spending money addicted to bringing about and doing good resulting in acts of kindness and charitable deeds.

Whatever is conducive to luxury and comfort indulge freely yielding to and gratifying all asked for or requested, any object desired, or any sudden or unexpected intention or inclination to extend hospitality behaving in a kind and generous manner toward guests, receiving and caring for those who visit acting on invitation.

Celebrate a new Independence Day appointed to prohibit for all times penalties imposed for transgression of law and any ill suffered in consequence of wrongdoing caused to cease forever and ever in commemoration of the place where the generation of life originates. A privilege and possession into which all persons in the United States of America is born, and the day of a special ceremonious observance occurring in the commencement process, an installment of light introduced between the acts of a longer performance of several days or weeks in the U.S. commemorating the adoption of the Manifesto of Sovereignty.

Our Father inside of me and the strength inside of you will always see us through, chosen to give the family rest there is nothing that I cannot do, I am the love I always knew in my heart and in my mind I Am My Father.

I, the Lord, made a mass of visible vapor floating in the atmosphere reflecting much light upon the United States of America shining of brilliant red color, newly made, clearly seen in the mind as commemoration, and clearly perceived by the eye bringing glory and honor, fame and credit upon the Kingdom Family and recognizing as separate and different a nation under God from all others.

Conferring greatness and glory with a shower of stars but it shall be daylight, not the period of light from dawn to dark nor the period of sunset to sunrise, but at the latter part of the day an emission of brightness rising from the west, my covenant of life with all alive this day.




Copyright (C) Kingdom Family Ministries - November 1998.