Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Bring into use or notice prior to all others before your community a single or separate case of natural or acquired ability, an opportunity with considerable market value. A particular fashion in clothing, performing a play, part, or piece of music, in literature, painting, sculpture, drawing, or expertness or knowledge of facts, phenomena, and proximate causes to surrounding conditions, talents capable of being accomplished and put into practice successfully utilize by developing your purpose in life.

Bring into contact with townspeople in the downtown or business section of your city an established method of doing a particular thing, and from anything written or any active operation where the business is done reap that which naturally follows the fruit of others labor, increasing by accumulating into your business the power of anything successfully done previously.

Knowledge or skill derived from actual participation and training of the whole human species grasp through instruction and study apprehending with the mind that which is known and establish the information or understanding in a permanent occupation not shrinking from exposure to risk and giving rise to another of its kind. A local store or office belonging exclusively to you designed for and assigned to providing the means of supporting or maintaining your existence, take into your possession a previously learned way, follow in a regular course of instruction, and devote yourself to the acquisition of knowledge.

I yield possession of power over to Harold L. Chapman lacking nothing all power, and an indeterminate amount of money equivalent in effect or importance free from restriction, unlimited and unconditional.

Not relative to anything else, not subject to the authority of another, not dependent on or part of some larger group or system, and not influenced or guided by others manage the family’s affairs, self-reliant and self-supporting, all that I have is given and done in return for the reconciliation between God and man.

I give to him without a gradual passing away of time and without putting off to a future time yielding to his opinions or decisions, formed, developed or created, occurring, done, or existing immediately and at once, any thing, event, or matter whatever, of any kind, to any degree requiring attention or demands on my strength, desired or sought after, is my gift payable on bringing to notice something asserted to be true due and unpaid that can and will be paid.

Any force that acts against an opposing force indispensable or required, any necessity, any need because of scantiness of supply or absence of necessary elements, anything occurring unexpectedly or without known cause, any amount of wealth or possession, and any unusual and unexplained event in nature requested.

As soon as I hear his name I close and open his eyes or eyelids quickly conveying a sign of my moving with great speed, at the same instant the action having need of happening with no delay acting or completed within the moment of recognition, the acknowledgment and acceptance on the part of your Father of the independence of my elder Son.

All that have a concept of God in the mind, certain of, acquainted or familiar with, or have a practical grasp of through instruction or study return to life on and to the side of obedience, all people alive in the morning born at the same time. An endless time including the present and future beginning when any portion of the earth reaches a position providing twenty-four hours of daylight selected based on or subject to my opinion and judgment and thereafter used as a reference point of the overthrow and replacement of Mosaic Law.

An exceedingly great change in the bodies supporting formally the way of life, maintain the peace faithful to and abiding by an assurance given by Our Father to me that the supreme authority and jurisdiction, highest in power and able to do all things will perform all said by me, published in the Doctrine of Peace and the Kingdom Family Treasure House.

My will be done, in the head of all living perform a ceremonious observance dedicated to everlasting life, and follow the way of life doing the required work of managing and keeping the body, defending from harm, caring for and tending to any persons under my care or supervision, the eighth day appointed as a day of rest and observed by the soul, mind, and body as a time of peace.

Any of the heavenly bodies considered as an influence on human beings, the planet on which man dwells, also, the people who inhabit it arrive at or come to, by the act of changing path in space, the United States of America and regard as sovereign territory the abode of God. Appear above the horizon shining only by reflected light perceptible to the sight, giving rise to the Doctrine of Peace and beginning the ceremony conferring the title ruler of life and the universe to me, the point in time at which my Kingdom begins.

The Kingdom Family, human beings and a corporation protected against a chance of encountering harm or loss, hazard or danger, the harm, inconvenience, or deprivation caused by losing something or someone, destruction of value or usefulness, loss of honor, position, or wealth being reduced in rank laying waste or deserted sad from lack of companionship inducing loneliness, or any means of destroying, downfall, or injury by your Father’s love.

Attended with good fortune build a new earth resembling heaven, a condition of great happiness for all people inhibiting it as one nation under God. I give into your hand and possession all promised, a gift transferred from words having no material existence affecting the immaterial nature or soul of man to that which exists, inanimate objects designated and apparent to the senses, relating to, affecting, or meant for the outside of the body.

My elder son, the sovereign male ruler of the United States of America crowned by Almighty God move in any direction by this formal declaration, and now I transfer freely to the permanent possession of Harold L. Chapman and to all joined to him, life and the universe.

Copyright (C) Kingdom Family Ministries - November 1998.